Nashville Acquires Mike Fisher from Ottawa for Picks

Huge news today out of the Music City.  The Nashville Predators have acquired forward Mike Fisher from the Ottawa Senators in exchange for Nashville’s first round selection in the 2011 draft and a conditional pick next year.

The move is a monumental one for the Predators, as only two players, Patric Hornqvist (16) and Sergei Kostitsyn (15), have scored more goals this season than Fisher (14).

As a player with an extensive playoff resume, Fisher brings a set of intangibles as a player that is hard to find.

The question now is which player will be moved to make room on the Predators roster for Fisher.  My guess is that Matt Halischuk will be sent back to Milwaukee, but that is simply speculation.

Coincidentally this transaction happens on the same day I write a feature on how important the Admirals have been this season in keeping Nashville alive in the Western Conference playoff race.  A curious piece of timing for the trade to say the least.

Another curiosity:  What role did Mike Fisher play in choosing his new home?  Fisher is of course married to country singer Carrie Underwood.  She may have been pushing Ottawa’s fan favorite to move south.

Combined with Chicago’s trade yesterday of Jack Skille for Michael Frolik and the Francois Beauchemin/Joffrey Lupul deal, it has certainly been an eventful couple of days around the NHL.

So Roundtable, what are your thoughts on the Mike Fisher trade?

10 thoughts on “Nashville Acquires Mike Fisher from Ottawa for Picks”

  1. I think it’s a great move. I think that means they have pretty much given up on Lombardi coming back. I think Matt will be back and when 1 or 2 more Preds come back we will get Spals back. Should help both teams in playoffs.

  2. Goc was injured last night was he not? I know Trotz said he shouldn’t miss anytime, but can anyone confirm if Goc is ok?

    I disagree with SantaC. It’s a great move for Nashville. They may have prospects in Milwaukee, but at this point in the season and moving towards the playoffs, a seasoned veteran is worth more than an unproven veteran, especially one with playoff experience. Plus, Nashville basically gave up nothing. The first round pick will be a deeper pick in a weaker draft class. With all the prospects they have, giving up a first round pick really means nothing to the Predators. Excellent move by Poile.

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more Creed. I think this is a fantastic trade for Nashville for a player that would not be on the market for long. Quality top-two line centers don’t grow on trees, especially a two-way specialist in Fisher with a decent contract and cap hit.
    Ask anyone in Nashville, the Predators are trying to win the Stanley Cup this year and they have a club that can make noise in the playoffs. But I am surprised they traded two high picks and not a pick and a prospect. I can think of about eight Admirals who would look great on a rebuilding Senators club.

  4. Poile said they talked about prospects and current players but he did not want to go that route. Since it is going to be a weaker draftI still think it was a smart move. Definitely agree the Nashville brass wants to win a cup. I did think there was a chance they would have traded a goalie though since the orginazation is pretty deep right now.

  5. I’m cool with the deal, but am afraid of the next one. One that might take one of our key players away from us.

    We’ll discuss that in a post after this weekend’s games…

  6. Milwaukee is a developmental team. If our prospects can be included in trades that make Nashville better, that’s just how it goes. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see a guy like Jeremy Smith, Klasen, Mueller, heck even Geoffrion, leave. Probably the only person I’d be surprised to see go is Dex – in part because any playoff hopes for the Ads would be crushed and in part because Dex is likely to leave on his own in the off season anyhow.

    Don’t be afraid, Ryan. Embrace change.

  7. I agree with SantaC, its a horrible trade. Just because Klasen doesn’t play much defense doesn’t mean he should be screwed consistently.

  8. TheOneGoodThing, Nashville would much rather have Fisher then Klasen right now. In no way do I think he is being screwed over.

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