Mueller Re-Joins Ads

A tough week for Chris Mueller.

After an extended visit to Nashville with the Predators, forward Chris Mueller spent last weekend back with Milwaukee over the NHL’s All-Star break.

Mueller returned Nashville for this weeks slate of games.  However, today to make room for Steve Sullivan to return to the Predators’ roster, Mueller was sent back to Milwaukee.  I am not sure on the logistics, but I am assuming Chris is dressed tonight for the Admirals in Grand Rapids.

Tough break for Chris, but anytime Milwaukee can re-add its second leading goal scorer, it can’t hurt too much.

5 thoughts on “Mueller Re-Joins Ads”

  1. I agree that Chris is a class act . He puts in the effort consistently despite the jersey he wears. He also doesn’t seem to be a complainer type of person which makes him a liked person to fans and his coaches. Though I hate to see him gone at times from the Ads , I am so very happy for him. It can only get better for Chris as he gets further in his career!

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