Geoffrion Stays Hot, Ads Win 4-2

This just in.  Every home game for the rest of the season will be Blake Geoffrion bobblehead night.

With the Badger band in town to provide some entertainment off the ice, Blake had a part in all four Admiral goals, as the good guys defeated the Rockford IceHogs 4-2 Friday night.

Here’s coach Lambert on the way Blake has been playing lately.

A goal and three assists for Geoffrion, including the game winner in the 3rd period, further setting an example of why a shot on goal is always a good play.

After bringing the puck from behind the net, around the perimeter, and to the center of the point, Geoffrion just threw it on net, and the puck had eyes to get past goaltender Hannu Toivonen.

Blake admits he was a little nervous tonight.

Blake is going to get all the fanfare from this game, but it was a breakout game offensively for………defenseman Brett Palin!  The only player on the current roster who hadn’t scored a goal this season, he scored two tonight — the opening Admiral marker and a goal-line to goal-line empty-netter.

After a scoreless and uninspired first period that found the Admirals going 0-3 with the power play, and after spotting the IceHogs a Wade Brookbank goal, they were able to answer back with Palin’s first of the year.  After Linus Klasen made space for himself (like he does), he found Palin lower in the slot than he usually is, and Klasen fed him the puck for the nice goal.

The Ads took their first lead with a goal from Ryan Thang, that was credited to Blake Geoffrion at the time…..  It was another shot from near the blue line that had eyes, and it had an OUTSTANDING Thang screen in front of Toivonen.  Such a good screen that nobody saw him deflect it.

Coach Lambert likes the development he’s seeing from both of those guys.

Yay, On Wisconsin, yadda yadda, you’ve said it all, yadda yadda…. great end result and a fun night in the building, but there were parts of this game there were not all that pretty.  Here’s Lane on the start of the game, and the state of the power play.

Grant Lewis left the game after a collision in the offensive zone.  First word is day-to-day with an upper-body injury….that’s great if it’s just day-to-day, but it sure looked like a bigger deal at the time.  Feel free to put on your WebMD had and speculate if it’s shoulder or ribs or what.


Did it feel like the prevent defense in the 3rd period?

If we keep winning, would you mind keeping the green and gold face-off dots for awhile?

Mark Dekanich had a fine game.  Didn’t need to stand on his head, and didn’t let in any softies.  Good night for the Dexshow, I think.

Did you like the Badger-styled jerseys?

13 thoughts on “Geoffrion Stays Hot, Ads Win 4-2”

  1. This team seems to always play the prevent in the 3rd. Only time they have put the hammer down and finished a team, really, is the Peoria game last week.

    I’m all for anything that keeps the team winning. This division makes me sick at how tight it is. 4 way tie for first place right now, with OKC in 5th place…1 point behind. Thankfully the Admirals have games in hand, and a lot of home games down the stretch…cuz this division is insane.

    Dex is Dex. Kid is well on his way to the show. In fact, they should just call him Dexshow.

    Loved the jerseys. Even if it made it look like a Detroit/Chicago game. The Badgers jerseys say Wisconsin down the front, so I would have liked to see the jerseys tonight say Milwaukee…but thats nitpicking. I really liked them. And the band is awesome…as always. Anyone have numbers on what some of the jerseys went for?

    I’ll just go with upper body injury on Lewis.

    Some other thoughts….Thuresson came out in Beastmode in the first, hitting the crossbar and having a few other good chances. Then in the 2nd, Thang took over as Beastmaster. If guys like those can get hot and start producing, this team all the sudden has a lot of depth up front, and an amazingly solid blue line.

  2. When Grant came up…he was holding his wrist like it was in a.lot.of.pain.

    I also enjoy the UW band…glad they came back again this year.

    I’m with MiB, I loved the jerseys…born and bred in the Motor City and grew up loving hockey and the Winged Wheel.

  3. Good win for the Ads, Kyle Beach managed to rachet up my dislike for him to Kelsey Wilson/Nolan Yonkman level quite quickly. Interesting to hear that quite a number of Icehogs fans are similarly tired of his act.

    BTW Ryan, the 70s called, they want your camera strap back… :D

  4. Well, it only took a bit more than half the season for our captain to add his cookies to the jar, but timing aside, I’m happy to see that everyone’s got notches on their sticks.

    Missed a lot of the 3rd period waiting to process auction winnings- I sure do wish they would at least move the end of the auctions to the 1st intermission. It’s bad enough to miss possibly an entire period, but missing the 3rd is a beotch. Lack of administrative ingenuity, I guess.

    Many of the jerseys went for $500+ with several topping $1000. In all, management should be happy with the take.

    The green and gold circles are getting to be less distracting, but they can go any time.

  5. I liked the Badgers style jerseys. How did Beach not get a penalty for smacking Dex in the head 3 or 4 seconds after the whistle? I loved it when Palin pushed him over like a sack of potatoes. The Ads played too defensively in the third period. I thought that Lewis hurt his right wrist, but he could have been guarding his ribs. Bartlett and Flynn made a lot of hits tonight. The UW band was great!

  6. Actually Chris, the 70’s did in fact call…but they told me to keep it. They were happy to get rid of it.

    When I get my own gear, I’ll get to pick out a strap that’ll give me the indie cred I desire.

    Either way….I’ll probably still take crap pictures.

  7. Lewis took a stick to the chest, mid-section. Happened somewhat in front of me and looked like a rib thing, judging by the way he was holding it and where I saw him get hit. Could have been his arm though.

    Thang played really hard tonight. Glad to hear Mueller’s back for now, too.

    The colored circles should probably be gone after Sunday, but if the superstitious want to leave them up until we lose, I’m fine with that, too.
    Man, did Ford get his ass handed to him by Brookbank. Don’t start what you can’t finish.

  8. I think Beach should have gotten a game misconduct. He took a cheap shot on DEX with no provocation. Bad Hockey play, glad he was jacked!

    Not naming any names, but a player with the jersey number of 17 needed to fight him.
    Wilson just seems to be the water down, Europeanized version of his old self.

    Here is my personal appeal to Kelsey.

    Dear Kelsey,

    Your play is faster than before but you’ve turned into a weaker version of yourself. Some might even use terms like soft, and wuss. I will not. I know that you are tough. This is not basketball or baseball this is hockey, enforcement is part of the game. Please man up and pound somebody when our younger forwards are being punked. If you need guidance please reference the Admirals TV section on Triston Grant videos. You will notice that he was a beast, not unlike your former self.

    Thanks in advance.

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