Admirals Dominate Again, Destroy Grand Rapids 6-2

A week after decimating Peoria at home 8-1, Milwaukee let loose on the road with a spanking of Grand Rapids, 6-2.

Great night on the scoresheet for Linus Klasen (2 goals, 1 assist), Teemu Laakso (2 assists), Gabriel Bourque (2 goals), Mark Santorelli (1 goal, 1 assist) and of course red hot Blake Geoffrion (1 goal, 2 assists), who almost added another shorty late in the third period.

Remember those early season troubles/issues/struggles for Geoffrion.  Truly a thing of the past, at least for the past two weeks.  Geoffrion now has 13 points in his past four games, plus a bobblehead and an AHL Player of the Week Award.  You have to think that Nashville management is starting to take notice.

The Admirals peppered both Grand Rapids goaltenders, Jordan Pearce and Thomas McCollum, with 36 shots and produced one of their most lop-sided differentials of the season.

An unsung hero award for Dylan Hunter tonight, who I thought had a strong game.  Ditto for Aaron Johnson who finished as a plus five.

Chris Mueller had a strong effort after making an unexpected return visit to the Admirals.  Credit to him for taking his demotion in stride and playing hard tonight, like he does every night no matter what jersey he’s wearing.

Milwaukee goaltender Jeremy Smith coasted home with the win making 25 saves on 27 shots.

What can you say other than this game may have been the Admirals best road effort of the season so far.  Milwaukee ups its record to 4-2 against Grand Rapids this year and continues to keep pace with San Antonio in the West Division and Conference with two games in hand on the Rampage, who defeated Lake Erie in a shootout 5-4 tonight.

One last note, Milwaukee went 1 for 3 on the power play (and nearly 2 for 3).  Lots of good things/plays on the man advantage tonight.  Things are looking up in that department.  Perhaps that had something to do with the effort the Griffins put out in the first two periods.

Roundtable, your thoughts?

14 thoughts on “Admirals Dominate Again, Destroy Grand Rapids 6-2”

  1. With some balony make up calls, Grand Rapids managed a second tally. Sorry a little premature on the headline writing, fixing it as we speak.

  2. So has there every been back-to-back player of the week winners before in the AHL? Blake’s on his way to doing that… :)

  3. Blake…wow, where did this come from? I knew he was great at a collegiate level, but to turn things around like he has on the pro level the last 2 weeks is extremely impressive. Earlier this season, I thought Nashville would call him up just for a marketing move, but as of right now, he’s certainly earning a chance. Haven’t seen what Hallischuk has done as of late other than a box score…but I wouldn’t be opposed to bringing Matt back down to reunite the Bourque-Mueller-Halischuk line and giving Blake a shot at the 6 minutes a game thats available in Nashville.

    Speaking of Nashville, great day for the organization. The Red Wings have always been the benchmark in the league for the Predators, and to have Nashville shutout Detroit (albeit without a couple stars) and the Milwaukee domination in GR after arriving early morning….great night all around.

    Nice to see AJ a +5 and great to see Jerermy step right in and play like a #1 goalie tonight.

    I’m sure in the 75 years, someone has won Player of the Week honors in back to back weeks.

    We got a little help from Chicago as they beat Peoria tonight. Houston was off, and San Antonio kept up with us…but we still have games in hand.

  4. MIB – Halischuk actually played 9 minutes tonight (not 6 hah). He has been playing fairly well up there. While he may not get on the scoreboard every night, he does the little things defensively and works hard all over the ice. Tonight Halischuk played with Ward and Smithson (at least he did for the portion of the game I saw). I actually think Blake could fit in on a line like that. While he’d be best suited on a top 2 line, perhaps his presence could boost that third line?

  5. Klasen is +10 on the season and is like +13 in his last 7 games or so. He has been good defensively and has soon no flaws in his game. He is ripping it up now and are too good for AHL next season.

  6. SantaC – I think we’re back at a numbers game again. When Klassen was called up earlier, the Preds had so many injuries that he was able to fit in with the top 2 lines. Now that guys are returning (mainly Sullivan), the only open spots are the third and fourth lines. Klassen just isn’t a third or fourth line guy.

    From all the interviews I’ve heard of Klassen, he seems like a humble guy and is willing to put in the work at the AHL level to earn his role, but my guess is he won’t be willing to continue to wait in the AHL until a spot opens up for him in Nashville. I’m sure he’ll sign somewhere else :( Unfortunate. But it is what it is.

  7. Oh, and SantaC, I don’t know if you really do personally know Klassen or not, but a week or so ago you posted an article saying his old team in Europe wants him back. If you’re “in the know” do you have any “inside” info on whether Klassen would return to Europe or if he’s dead set on playing in North America (NHL) for the time being?

  8. Solid, solid game all around. Admirals were on the offense from the start. PP looked better, PK was good but they took a few too many penalties. When Smith was tested he stood tall.

  9. @Creedfan
    His old club wants him back, but does not mean klasen wants to go back to europe. His dream is to play in the NHL.

    Klasen is doing a damn fine season in Admirals and is over 1 PPG in a club that has not a lot of big scorers. If predators dont give him the chance next season, he will sign with someone else, i cant blame him.

  10. klasen should sign with boston next year they need a good sniper and with savard in limbo they need a shot in the arm, he’d fit in well, and if the ads can make a run at the calder cup with him this year even more team in the nhl east will be more aware of what linus can offer.

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