For Your Reading Pleasure

A few links for you this morning!

Patten from spent the early part of this week in Hershey for the AHL All-Star festivities.  He files this report about Dekanich and Klasen, and this report about the mascot game during the intermission.

Also, our friend Dirk at OnTheForecheck posted an interesting article yesterday, that for a time was the lead story on the NHL’s page at Yahoo! sports.  Even his highness, Mr. Puck Daddy himself, linked to it.

He posed an interesting question about supplimental discipline, handed out by the NHL after dirty hits or naughty actions.  Do the original six get preferential treatment?

We all remember Marian Hossa sending Dan Hamhuis flying into the boards in the playoffs last season — a play that DEFINITELY merited a suspension, but didn’t supply one.

Anyway, Dirk ran some stats, and it’s a read that’s worth your time.

While I think that the stats are surprising, I’m inclined to think that the real results are simply that Colin Campbell & Co. are madly inconsistent in their league of justice, and sadly, it probably doesn’t bug them at all.  It’d be interested to know more specifics of the individual incidents….maybe repeat offenders, maybe in major rivalry games….. but that’s another study, for another day.

See you at the BC tonight!

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