Geoffrion Named AHL Player of the Week

Congratulations are in order for Milwaukee Admirals forward Blake Geoffrion, who earned this week’s Reebok/AHL Player of the Week Award.  The Brentwood, Tennessee native is fully deserving the honor having piled up six points (three goals and three assists) in this past weekend’s games.

After a slow start adjusting to the speed of the AHL and dealing with some lingering injury issues, Geoffrion’s play has really taken off in recent weeks.   The rookie is now up to third on the team in scoring with 25 points, trailing just Jonathon Blum and Linus Klasen.

The award could not have come at a better time for Geoffrion as the Admirals are unveiling a big night in his honor Friday against the Rockford Ice Hogs.  Milwaukee is wearing Red/White Badger-like jerseys for the contest, complete with the angled script.

That’s not to mention the Blake Geoffrion bobble head that will be passed out to fans.

I wonder what Blake prefers?  A bobble head in his honor, or the little glass trophy from the AHL that he will get to skate off with Friday evening?

6 thoughts on “Geoffrion Named AHL Player of the Week”

  1. I saw the Bob Uecker Bobblehead the other day. It has him holding his heart in his right hand. I guess they should call it a Bobble-heart… I must say this must put a little pressure on someone to be given a Bobblehead, before you had even played five games with a team.

  2. how long is the AHL season, why are teams only playing 2 games a week? It feels like Admirals only play at the weekends.

  3. The Admirals have 16 games this month…5 of them are not on the weekends.

    The whole point of playing on the weekend is to draw a bigger attendance.

  4. I presume Blake wants to play in the NHL some day. So while the bobblehead is fun to give to your mom, the Player of the Week trophy puts him one step closer to building a resume for the NHL.

    I’m surprised (and disappointed) that the bobblehead has Blake wearing the red/white jersey from Friday’s game. I would have preferred to have the bobblehead in the new all-black Admirals colors.

  5. Agreed Monkey, and Blake is getting closer to that point than he has been all season. Credit to him and the coaching staff for the progress he’s been making.

    Count me in as one person that would have preferred the Blake bobble in the all-black jersey. Would have made sense after the unveiling this summer. But this goes with the jersey plan for the evening.

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