All-Star Summary / Caption Contest

So that’ll do it for the All-Star weekend.  Linus Klasen was in the starting lineup and recorded an assist and two shots.  Mark Dekanich played the 3rd period, gave up the least amount of goals of any of the goalies that played (3 goals), but still got tagged for the loss.

Preds blogger Patten from Section 303 travelled to Hershey for the weekend, and we’ll look to link to some of his coverage soon.

In the meantime….we’ve got a few days until the next game, we’ve got a blizzard warning in effect….what better way to fight cabin fever than with another caption contest?  Right?  Ok, humor me, at least.  Right?  Right.

Winner gets cookies from the media room at a future game.

Scott Paulus gives us this great photo.  Good luck!

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13 Responses to All-Star Summary / Caption Contest

  1. David says:

    Hey what ref, no Yonking call, but its Yonkman in the third and thier down by two?

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  3. adsfan says:

    Linesman: I can fly!

  4. Go Ads says:

    Linesman (using his best Kate Smith voice):

    There’s no hockey like Ads hockey,
    There’s not hockey I know…..


    Damn, I should have brought a bigger stick!!


    Nice butt, linesman…..

  5. Go Ads says:

    Sorry, typo on the linesmans second line. Should be ‘There’s no hockey I know….’

  6. Mark says:

    David Brine whistles at the linesman while checking out his rear end. Gabriel Bourque is confused as to why the hell Nolan Yonkman just sent the puck into the stands.

  7. poproc says:

    Theme Song of Jaws plays in the background

    Linesman: You are safe! (Making the baseball sign)

    Gabriel Bourque: Oh great, another cheap shot from Yonks. This is going to sting!

    Nolan Yonkman: I wonder where Kelsey Wilson is? Ah who cares, he’s darn near a European now.

    Gabriel Bourque: Ouch…

    Yonkman: So many cheap shots, so little time.
    I wonder if it is time for a Yonking penalty?
    Na, another cheap shot!

  8. Jason Karnosky says:

    Gabriel Bourque is doing his best Herb Brooks impression:

    “Hey #43, I am going to bury this god damn stick right in your throat.”

  9. Laura says:

    linesman- “Look ma I’m doing it I’m doing it!!!!”

  10. nate says:

    Bourque “Hey Yonks – How does it feel that BizNasty has more NHL goals and minutes* than you this year?”

    * Okay, so Yonkman technically has 3 more minutes than Paul Bissonnette.

  11. Sutty says:

    I’m FLYING JACK!!!!!!

  12. frontrowjon says:

    Linesmen- “I’m king of the world.”
    Gabe- (looks in stands to see roscoe almost drop the pizza on some poor schmuck)
    Yonks- (thinks in his mind, ” this kid won’t know what hit him”!)

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