AHL All-Star Commentary, A Week Too Late

I realize that February 9 is a little bit late to still be talking about the AHL All Star festivities, but unlike some of you here at the Roundtable, my schedule did not permit me to watch the game live.  Through the wonder of DVR I managed to record the game and finally found some free time this week to partake in watching it.

Ryan had a brief recap on what took place in an earlier post, but I wanted to add to that.

Milwaukee goaltender Mark Dekanich played the third period for the Western Conference and was spectacular.  Seriously, he was awesome!  Two of the saves he made in the third period bordered on ridiculous, they were that good.  Even though commentators Mike “Doc” Emrick and Craig Laughlin seemed to know little of the background of Dekanich, they were amazed by those two stops.

Linus Klasen showed some flashes playing on a line with Sergei Shirokov of the Manitoba Moose, but tried to dazzle too much and most of his plays ended up fizzling out.  Still Klasen generated a ton of positive headlines for the AHL and the Milwaukee Admirals with his shootout goal the night before in the skills competition.

All in all, it was a really fun game to watch.  There is an impressive amount of skill level throughout the AHL, as all of you Bradley Center Admirals fanatics are well aware of, and it was a delight to watch it on display in Hershey.  Say what you will about the compete level of All-Star games, but I always find the contests mesmerizing to watch.

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