9 thoughts on “Mid Season Grades Round Deux”

  1. Andreas Thuresson: C-, A player that seems to have hit his ceiling for development in what was likely a make or break year. Still, plenty of talent and his play might be rejuvenated by a call to the NHL. I expected a lot more out of him in Milwaukee, however.
    Chris Mueller: A+, Mueller is the easiest grade on the time. Gave his all every shift in Milwaukee, and grew from an unknown in a potential everyday NHLer. Scored big goals in Milwaukee, and deserves every reward he’s got. Is already impressing Trotz with Nashville, so he may not come back to the AHL.
    Aaron Johnson: B+, At times I feel that Roundtable patrons are far too critical of Johnson. I felt he was Milwaukee’s best player against Hamilton on Sunday and voted for him as the first star. He’s really starting to find his offensive game, and has provided strong leadership this year.
    Brett Palin, A-, Palin is a player that seems to only get noticed when he makes mistakes as more of a stay at home defenseman, but he doesn’t make many. Palin has provided steady leadership for a young Admirals squad that has exceeded expectations.

  2. Andreas- B, We all know the stats about going 30 games without a goal, and as much as that sucked, he has definitely stepped up his defensive play and if he can find his scoring touch, will be an excellent 2 way player now. For all we know, Nashville told him to work on his defensive game….which he has, and is probably a good reason why he got called up. (in addition to knowing the system)

    Chris- A, what else can you say about the kid? He came in as an unknown, and is now in the NHL. Using the Peverley mold, he worked his butt off to make a name for himself and surely impressed the right people. Couldn’t be happier for him.

    Brett- C, he hasn’t been a problem by any means, but I’ve rarely seen him be productive. The only time I notice him is when he’s whining to a ref, or having a forward blow right by him. I’m sure he’s great in the locker room as a captain, but I’m not impressed on the ice.

    Aaron- B, had several lapses early in the season, but is now becoming more and more productive. Now the Ads top scoring defenseman.

  3. Andreas Thuresson C I think he has done much better on the defensive part of his game, yet he has a ways to go before he is ready for the NHL full time.

    Chris Mueller A He has played hard and has been a really good addition.

    Brett Palin B He has been a good captain, yet his play has not been as good as Teemu.

    Aaron Johnson B Solid play, he will get better as the season goes on.

  4. Andreas Thuresson : C : I think this grade would be higher if it wasn’t for the big expectations out of him after last year’s performance. He’s been a fairly solid and reliable defensive forward. The thing is he was expected to be an offensive threat this year and hasn’t lived up to that. I’m sure once he finds his game he’ll meet those expectations.

    Chris Mueller : A+ : Everyone is fully aware of what Mueller has done this year. No need to rehash it. He earned his NHL contract ,and he earned a solid A+ grade.

    Brett Palin : B+ : Solid stay at home defenseman. I think people are too critical of his game. He’s not going to be a flashy offensive d-man. He plays his game and for the most part does it well.

    Aaron Johnson : A : Again, people too critical of him. Johnson may have started slow, but he’s not the only guy who didn’t play well at the start of the season. He moves the puck well. He’s got a nice slapshot from the point. He does the little things in the defensive zone. I’m happy with his play.

  5. Andreas B- His offense has strangely gone away. His defense has showed up.

    Chris A He looks good on the ice, no weak areas.

    Brett B- Not what I expected from him, steady, but a little slow footed.

    Aaron B Has been good overall after a rocky start to the season.

  6. Andreas Thuresson – B- Seems to have taken a step backwards from last year. Has looked good in his games in Nashville though, hopefully he can build on that when he comes back. I think he needs to be more patient with his shots and then the goals will come.

    Chris Mueller A+ His hard work and great play has paid off for him. Now hope they are smart enough to keep him in the organization because he fits well.

    Brett Palin B Little disappointed so far but seems like a good captain, not going to bring up what I thought of the last one.

    Aaron Johnson B I too was a bit rough on him in the start of the season. But I think when he’s not taking stupid penalties he has been pretty solid. I like that he takes alot of shots. He does have a great slapshot and I think he will start to score more.

  7. Thuresson- B, We have all been hard on him for not scoring a ton But one thing to remember all the guys he had been good with arent here, (Cal, Spaling, and even to an extent jessiman) he has to adjust to new play styles and tendencies, hope he gets better we know he can.

    Mueller, A+ ,just the best all round player

    Palin- A , he has kept some pucks outta the net and has been a quiet captain glad he is here

    Johnson- A- , has cleaned up the bonehead penalties and plays some great defense.

  8. Thuresson B, Hasn’t done much offensively, but I wasn’t expecting too much, thought he has benifited a lot by the guys he has played with in the past.
    Mueller A, Has been fantastic all season long.
    Palin B-, Has done well for the type of player he is, but would rather notice him for something other than complaining or penalties.
    Johnson B+, Has improved from his bad play earlier in the season and doing very well in the past few games.

  9. Thuresson- C+ Not putting up the numbers he should but solid defensively

    Mueller- A+ Couldn’t ask for anything more, very deserving of his new contract and call up

    Palin- B+ Solid for the most part with a few hiccups

    Johnson- B Wish he’d stop with the penalties sometimes but pretty solid otherwise

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