Cue up the Smash Mouth, peoples.

We interupt the mid-season grades to pass along good cheer for Mark Dekanich and Linus Klasen.

They’ve been selected to play in the AHL All-Star Game at the end of the month.  It’s an East VS West game this year, and maybe we’ll see a line of Linus Klasen, Linus Omark, and…some other guy….I don’t know…Linus Van Pelt?

Dekanich won’t start, but he’ll play.

Incidentally….that Smash Mouth song was in the movie Mystery Men, which I think is quite the underrated film.

3 thoughts on “All-Stars”

  1. Is anyone else surprised that no Admiral D-man was selected? Postma from Chicago made it. Was there ballot box stuffing? Congrats to Linus and Dex!

  2. Postma was somehow actually voted in, he wouldn’t have made it on actual performance IMO. Based on the fact that all of the defenseman were elected based on offensive stats (and token fillers), I’m not surprised a D-man was not chosen.

    So it’s Team Linus versus Team Brad (Thiessen & Holtby) right?

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