7 thoughts on “Mid Season Grades Round Three”

  1. Jon Blum: A. Blum has been steady and solid as a blueliner for the Ads so far. His play has gotten a lil sloppy as of late, but he’s about as consistent as they come and is 2nd on the Admirals in points.

    Kelsey Wilson: D. One of 2 Admirals forwards to play in all 40 games…so he’s got that going for him? Not very offensive, not very defensive, and doesn’t fight as much as he used to? Whats the point?

    Ryan Thang: B. Started out invisible, but has really caught fire the last 10 games or so. He’s all over the ice, making plays, setting up chances, and getting better game after game. Thats what you wanna see in a guy like that.

    Proof: B+. Not nearly as talented as his brother, but not for lack of work ethic.

  2. Blum- B, he tends to turn over the puck in our zone leading to chances on net, has gotten better as season has went on

    Wilson- C-, just not very noticeable out on the ice, expected more, getting less

    Thang- B, for a guy who was an after thought when the seaon started he really has come on as of late.

    Santorelli- B+ , making the most of every shift, works hard and has been consistent

  3. Blum B-, He seems to either have a real good game or real bad game. Getting a bit sloppy lately
    Wilson C, Has done very little all season, even his fights aren’t as good as they used to be
    Thang B, Has done well as of late playing with Matt Hailschuk. Have been impressed with him so far.
    Santorelli B, Having a strong season so far, just hope he can keep it up

  4. Blum A- Good D-man, good shot from the point. A little shaky at times.

    Wilson C- Faster than before his European vacation. Doesn’t fight much, doesn’t score much. His defense has improved due to his new found speed; from terrible to okay.

    Thang B Somebody asked me how he was doing this week. His play must be good since it was a non-hockey fan. He improves slowly with time, like a good wine.

    Santorelli B- Works hard, lacks Mike’s talent, needs improvement.

  5. Blum- B- Not happy with the turnovers he’s made this season but not bad otherwise

    Wilson- C- Why is he back again? Close to being a waste of space

    Thang- B Strong steady improvement throughout the season

    Santo- B+ Like others said before, not quite like his brother but gets better every season every shift.

  6. Blum B- Too inconsistant and way too many turnovers. Does have a nice shot though, but not ready for NHL.

    Wilson C- Just doesn’t seem to do much at all. Expected improvement but don’t see it other than he’s faster.

    Thang B+ Coming along nicely. Very solid.

    Santorelli B Was looking good there for awhile but hasn’t done as much lately.

  7. Blum. B+ I am always a fan of how Jon Blum plays transition hockey. He had a great start to the season, but seems to be fading as of late.

    Wilson. B-, Kelsey Wilson is a player Milwaukee needs to play better hockey. Inconsistent seems to be his major issue. Wilson can be one of Milwaukee’s most important players at times, but his career seems to be leveling off.

    Thang. A-, Ryan Thang is a young player that is showing a lot of promise, he seems to be getting better with every game and every shift. Exactly the type of progress coaches love to see. The question is now can he step into an even bigger role?

    Mark Santorelli. B-, I toyed with this grade for quite sometime, but again a player that just seems to inconsistent. He has made big strides to become more of an impact player, but needs to get his goal scoring back on track to get noticed.

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