Mid Season Grades Round 1

Good day.

So the Admirals have played 40 games.  I don’t think there will be a better time than this to dish out some mid-season grades.

Now, at the other blog….Eric and Sutty and I would do the grading, we’d be snarky, make stupid jokes, and then we’d call it a post.

Over here, I’m going to delegate the grading to you.

We’ll do a few posts like this.  We’ll throw up the names of four players, and you’ll give us a grade and a couple of sentences about what you think of their season so far.

Let’s use the classic A, B, C, D, F scale.  Plusses and minuses are acceptable.

In round 1, here are your contestants….

Mark Dekanich

Gabriel Bourque

Blake Geoffrion

Teemu Laakso

Get out your red pens, and go to town.

14 thoughts on “Mid Season Grades Round 1”

  1. Dex’s A

    Gab C+ He’s new

    Geoff C- He’s just there… When he’s not injured.

    Teemu C+ Starting some Abe Lincoln chin hair.

  2. Mark Dekanich- A++++++++ DEXSHOW has been the rock for the Ads this season. Flat out awesome.

    Gabriel Bourque B He has played hard and has done some great things when given the chance.

    Blake Geoffrion B He has played well for it being his first professional season. Everyone expects him to be a superstar out of the gate. He has come on strong in the past couple of games and has the potential to really step up his game in the coming weeks.

    Teemu Laakso B- He has played well this season. He hits well and doesn’t have a ton of stupid mistakes.

    Overall the team has 52 points which is really awesome. This group of players have been consistent in their level of play.

  3. Dex has to ba an A

    Bourque is a B+. One of the most consistent.

    Blake is a B-. He is inconsistent but has been improving.

    Teemu is an A-. He is really solid this year.

  4. I agree with AdsandPredsfan.

    Dex : A+ : He has, at times, carried this team this year. I’m sure if you were able to dig up my comments on Dex from last year they would be terrible lol. He’s found his game this year and is playing superbly. We wouldn’t be where we are in the standings without Dex , that’s for sure.

    Bourque : B+ : He’s been consistent all year long. While he doesn’t have the top notch offensive numbers, he’s done well for what his role is, and I even think he’s surpassed expectations of him coming out of camp.

    Blake : B- : Expectations were high and he still hasn’t found a consistent game. He needs to be tougher and not afraid to dig for the puck in the corners and in front of the net. He’s got great potential though so at this point I’m not too worried about him. It’ll all work out for him!

    Teemu : A- : Solid d-man. Hasn’t made too many mistakes. We know what to expect from him and he’s delivered.

  5. I am a tough grader and still have my T-shirt from the other blog!

    Dex is an A+. 4 SO, 1.77 GAA, 93.8 save %, #3 goalie in the AHL.

    Blake is a B-. 15 points in 28 games, 1 PIM per game. People will stop hitting him after the whistle after he knocks out a few of their teeth.

    Teemu is a C+. He looked better last year, but .43 pts/game is good for a D-man.

    Bourque is a C. Six goals so far, .33 pts/game for a rook, the hits keep on coming!

  6. Dekanich: A+ … Had my doubts at points last year. They are long gone.
    Bourque: B+ … Fun to watch, not afraid to hit, very fast. He’s good and will only get better.
    Geoffrion: C- … Not physical. Hobey Bummer Award winner. Hope he has a strong 2nd half…we’ll need him to be the man.
    Laakso: Solid A … Dependable. Not glamourous, but that’s not his game.

  7. Mark Dekanich: A+ (can’t expect much more)

    Gabriel Bourque: B (pretty good, building my expectations for the future)

    Blake Geoffrion: C+ (not as good as I hoped, but not a total waste of space either… still have my hopes)

    Teemu Laakso: A- (plays his role well… delivers what is expected)

  8. Mark Dekanich: A, Has been the go-to man for Milwaukee and could lead the Admirals to ultimate glory this year. Now to round his form into an everyday man in the NHL. He’s not that far away.
    Gabriel Bourque: B, A young player who seems to improve with every game. Seems right on the right development path.
    Blake Geoffrion: B, I base this grade more on his recent play. Personally, I thought Blake was more ready for the NHL than he looked early in the season with Milwaukee, and he still is a touch slow at times. But a dramatic improvement post injury, and he is starting to find that edge to his game which made him a star with Wisconsin. Might need one more full year in the AHL to find his true potential.
    Teemu Laakso: B, A player with NHL potential for sure, seems likely to fill a role with Nashville in the future after some turnover. Laakso is at times the best player on the ice, but I do see lapses and mistakes. However, other than Josi, he is the Admirals defenseman with the greatest potential upside.

  9. Dex- A+, instead of sulking by his limited time in Nashville, he comes back and busts ass and has carried this team on more than 4 occasions. Can’t ask anything more out of your #1 goalie.

    Bourque- B+, hasn’t found his offensive game yet, but its not for a lack of trying. Several games he has been the most impressive forward moving the puck, creating chances, and hitting people.

    Blake- C, work in progress. Has found his offensive touch as of late, but was leaps and bounds behind the game for the first quarter of the season. He has finally caught up to the game, and it will be interesting to see where he takes it from here. He’s definitely not ready for Nashville yet though.

    Teemu- B+, earned his first call up and is a solid d-man, good amount of points, and never makes me want to punch things.

  10. Okay Taylor, I give Bourque a C+. He is growing on me as the season progresses.

    I told you that I am a tough grader; I wasn’t kidding!

  11. Dex, A+, MVP to our squad he has won us some games when the offense was absent
    Gabe, A-, excells every shift one of my favorite player to watch, he will be one of those core guys for next years team
    Boomer, B-, disappointed thus far he should be one of the top players but he is just vanilla,his scoring is not there, and please stop trying to fight, its embarassing , hope his second half is better

    Laakso- A, better than ever keep it up and he will be in nashville.

  12. Dekanich A, no explanation needed.
    Bourque A-, Many nights I have felt he was one our best guys on the ice. Progressing very nicely.
    Geoffrion B-, He has had some very nice moments and some really bad ones. I think he has been getting better as of late.
    Laakso B+, He has been very solid for us, don’t often see him mess up, has grown to be a good asset at D.

  13. Dex- A+ Nothin’ more to be said

    Bourque- B+ Has some more growing to do but he’s been right on track so far.

    Blake- B Slow start but steadily improving

    Laakso- A Solid all the way

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