Preds Recall Thuresson For Some Reason

(Photo Credit:  Scott Paulus)

Geez, if he had known that all he had to do was score one goal and get a callup, he would have done it 30 games ago!

Baffled.  Absolutely baffled.  But he’s reportedly in San Jose already, so he may get some icetime tonight.

If it’s at the expense of Chris Mueller, that’ll be very disappointing.

You work hard, you do all the right things, you say all the right things, you practice, you produce, and it’s great.  And then someone else who doesn’t produce gets the promotion.  That’s got to be rough for a guy like Matt Halischuk who has been pretty good lately.

I’m happy for Andreas because I like the guy, but I refuse to believe that he was the most deserving of a callup.

I’m sure there’s a reason why they chose him.  Maybe his previous NHL experience.  Maybe he fits tonight’s gameplan better than others.  Maybe they were tired of dressing Wade Belak and wanted someone who could play some D.  Maybe it’s just for depth.  Maybe it’s blackmail.  Maybe they’re going to try to showcase him for a possible trade.  Maybe Lane just said that he had enough.

Lots of maybees.  Feel free to add your best theory in the comments section.

10 thoughts on “Preds Recall Thuresson For Some Reason”

  1. I think that Sha’niqua and Ra’Niqua and Raul and Mario have a good time in San Jose and Anaheim and Manitoba but not Toronto or Singapore.

  2. I think that you should just post as yourself instead of using multiple names. And I’d rather you add to the discussion rather than….whatever THAT was.

    Thank you.

  3. Possibly a spam bot posted that…

    If anyone deserves a callup it’s Halischuk. He should be the next one up IMO. He’s done everything right down here.

  4. Maybe it’s just a substitution with Nick Spaling doubtful for today’s game.

    Maybe a change of scenery will spark some more production.

    We’ll see.

  5. Well, with all the injuries in Nashville…the defensive corps have been fairly unscathed for the most part. So Josi and Blum probably wouldn’t be considered to call up at this point.

    I think Josi has been great. I don’t think he is long for this league.

  6. My only guess is his familarity with the nashville system. Andreas spent enough time with the team last year to know the systems and for the most part Trotz knows what he is getting out of him.

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