Breaking News: Jamie Lundmark Leaves Team

(Photo credit:  Chris Jerina)

Forward Jamie Lundmark has left the Milwaukee Admirals.  He has been placed on unconditional waivers, and there have been Internet reports that he has been in contact with a team in Europe.

Head Coach Lane Lambert broke the news during the pre-game show of the Admirals’ radio broadcast, prior to their game Saturday night against the Toronto Marlies.

“(Linus) Klasen is back with us, that should provide us with some offense.  And Jamie Lundmark, who was supposed to provide us with offense this year, and didn’t really….decided to pack it in.  And that’s okay.  We certainly would rather see him do that than give us half an effort or decide that he wanted to do that later on in crunch time.

“Our team has always been about commitment, and commitment to each other, and we don’t want anybody in our locker room who isn’t committed, and committed to their teammates.  That’s fine, we’ll move forward.  Matt Halischuk is going to have to play center for now until we can sort things out with Chris Mueller being up in Nashville, and Steve Begin being hurt.  When it all plays out and when it’s all said and done, I think it’s a good thing for our team because it just gives us a chance to reiterate the level of commitment that you have to have to be able to play on this hockey team.”

Lundmark had 6 goals and 12 assists in 34 games the season, and had recently been having success skating with linemates Matt Halischuk and Ryan Thang.  While he hadn’t scored since December 17th, Lundmark had tallied five assists in his last four games.

I know public opinion on Lundmark varied amongst the Roundtable readers from very positive (SLake) to very negative (Maninthebox).  For awhile, it seemed he was the only guy who would crash the net, knowing he’d get some punishment there, and then cash in on some dirty hard-working goals.

Whenever someone is injured, called up, or departs the team, we have to go with this spin:  this opens the door for a younger guy to step up and be a difference maker.  I’m hopeful somebody will.

Dan Gendur has been recalled to take Lundmark’s place on the roster.

19 thoughts on “Breaking News: Jamie Lundmark Leaves Team”

  1. Hopefully whatever is going on with him is something that he can get sorted out, but Lane’s attitude is an awesome way of looking at it.

  2. Eaves retired during the first month of the season last year.

    It’s purely speculation, but I wonder if it’s just a hockey player coming of age, and realizing his place in the game. If he was likely to be a 4A player for the rest of his career, there are pros and cons to playing on North America vs Eruope.

    I don’t think it was directly because of the Thuresson call up….that sounds like it’s temporary, until Spaling is healthy.

  3. Disappointed, but I had backed off the recall of Lundmark over the past month due to his inconsistent results. I liked that he was going to the net and battling in the hard areas of the ice and thought he probably should have gotten a shot by now, but that wasn’t in the cards for whatever reason.

    Obviously, I’m not condoning him leaving mid-season, however the fact of the matter is if he was disgruntled, it’s likely best for all involved that he moves on. Unfortunately, that sucks right now for Coach Lambert, the Admirals, and their fans as they try to replace his presence with call-ups to Nashville, injuries, and everything else hurting their odds of doing that.

    Disappointing news, but this is not the first time this has happened in professional sports and it won’t be the last. Good luck to Jamie and his family as they move on and GO ADS!!!

  4. Thanks for the posting! I was late hearing the broadcast and came in at “decided to pack it in” and didn’t know who Lane was talking about.

  5. He has a NHL contract, right? How does he bail and go to Europe knowing he is still Nashville property and ever expect to come back? This sounds similar to Radulov.

  6. Lundmark has been placed on unconditional waivers. He will not have a contract to break as of Monday at 12 noon EST.

  7. Like MiB, glad to see him and his purse gone. Never seen someone whine as much as him, esp. considering he had no sort of captaincy yet still got away with whining and moaning to the refs.

  8. From reading his twitter account, didn’t seem like he was interested in playing in Milwaukee. Whenever the team had a few days off he’d fly to wherever his wife and children are. And him and his wife did say a few times earlier this season how he should be in Nashville instead of Milwaukee. Good riddance to Mr. Lundmark for all I care!

  9. From reading his twitter account, didn’t seem like he was interested in playing in Milwaukee. Whenever the team had a few days off he’d fly to wherever his wife and children are. And him and his wife did say a few times earlier this season how he should be in Nashville instead of Milwaukee. Good riddance to Mr. Lundmark for all I care!

  10. Nice guy, but if he doesn’t want to be here, so be it. The Ads are not the first team he’s bailed on, so no big surprise. We’re a developmental team. Now we have a spot for a new guy to get his break and shine.

  11. I think there should be some Ellis-like outrage over this tweet by his wife:

    “Minor league salary taxed at almost 50 percent. Not possible to pay mortgage + rent for family of 5”

    REALLY? His salary is 105,000. Even if it was (which I doubt) taxed at 50%….he’s still making $52,000. Even if she doesn’t bring in a damn dollar (which I’m sure she does) They are making $50,000. I have a REALLY hard time believing they were struggling financially. Were they financially set for life? Maybe not, but they were by no means poor. There are a lot of people (myself included) who would love to be bringing home 50k.

    The blaming of Lane Lambert is just ridiculous. Seriously? What else was he supposed to say? This is a team game, and a team has no place for quitters. This isn’t Lundmarks first year in hockey, he’s well aware how a contract works. Is it Lane’s fault that Jamie’s wife stayed in Philly? Is it Lane’s fault that they have 3 kids? Not at all. Lane is moving forward with the team he has….and he never really said anything bad about the guy anyway!

    But seriously, if the quote from Erica is true, that people can’t survive on AHL money….the league might as well just shut down right now.

  12. Absolutely not! Don’t try to start a controversy where there is none…

    My mother makes more than Lundmark annually in her profession, but due to taxes did not start making money until August last year due to her tax obligations. She also owns a house in TN, but has to live in another state for her job. She too has a mortgage and rent payment due every month, plus expenses (water, sewer, electricity, etc) x 2 households and a 14 year old daughter to provide for. Let me tell you, I completely understand the tweet as it is extremely difficult some months to make ends meet and unexpected expenses have burned through most of our family savings. Additionally, due to the housing market collapse, we would have to pay to sell our house so that’s not an option either.

    Erica wasn’t asking for anyone’s sympathy, nor am I. We all made our beds and are now dealing with it. Don’t try to start a controversy where there is none. Twitter limits you to 140 characters, she was answering a question inquiring as to why she and the kids remained in PA this year and didn’t beat around the bush. Ellis made an unprovoked statement intended to stir up controversy because he was bored that day. There is a clear difference.

  13. SLake, you can’t possibally say that you believe that they were having financial troubles. I doubt they were living a troubled life, and if they were short on money, they should check where it was being spent.

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