“They’re All Four-Pointers”

This weekend the Admirals will continue their stretch of playing 5-straight games against teams from the North division.  Teams we don’t get to see that often.  But that doesn’t make the importance of the games any less.

“We talk about ‘division games’ and ‘four point games’,” Coach Lambert says.  “They’re all four pointers.  Doesn’t matter if it’s the North division or our division because there is a crossover in the playoff race.”

Yes, back again this year in the Western Conference, is the crossover rule.  There are eight teams in the West Division, and just seven in the North.  So if the fifth place team in the West Division has a better record than the 4th place team in the North Division, the West Division team would play in the North playoff bracket as the 4th place team.

Would that have been great for the NFL playoffs this year?

If the season ended today, the 5th place Wolves (45 points) would crossover because their record is better than the 4th place Abbotsford Heat (39 points).  Hell, they’d be tied for 1st place if they played in the North (although, they’ve played more games than everyone).

So it’s more than just a novelty playing Toronto tonight and Hamilton tomorrow afternoon.  The Admirals will look to build on their 10-3 record against teams from the North this weekend, and strengthen their position in the conference.

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