Dekanich Shines As Ads Win 1-0 In Shootout

This definitely wasn’t a slow news day.

With the Thuresson call-up and the Lundmark sail-setting, there was plenty to talk about at the Bradley Center Saturday night….in addition to the regularly scheduled game against the Toronto Marlies.

Scoreless through three periods and five minutes of OT, Mark Van Guilder was the only player to score in the shootout, giving the Admirals the 1-0 victory Saturday night.

You might think that since there were no goals, that it was a boring ho-hum kind of game.  That could not be farther from the truth.  Despite the low scoring affair, it was a very exciting game with lots of offensive chances for both teams thwarted by two goaltenders who resembled brick walls.

And now, I present, Coach Lambert.

The Admirals dictated play for the first period, with newly returned Linus Klasen responsible for setting up some scoring chances for others, and a few for himself.  Despite playing much of the period in the offensive zone, they only outshot the Marlies by a 7-4 margin.

The first five minutes of the second period had some swarms around the Toronto net, but Marlies goalie Ben Scrivens was able to keep the puck out.

The rest of the period belonged to the Marlies, and Mark Dekanich made a slew of NHL caliber saves, many of them involving lateral movement in the crease.  And I can’t emphasize enough how great his rebound control was throughout the whole game.

The Marlies outshot the Admirals 17-5 in the second period.

Both teams had great chances in the 3rd, as the Marlies had a pair of breakaways off of turnovers from Jon Blum and Brett Palin.  The Admirals had 49 seconds with a 5-on-3 power play, and controlled the play during the PP, but came up empty in terms of goals.

In the shootout, Linus Klasen tried a little dipsy-doo on his attempt…we’ll call it slight-of-stick….it almost worked, but he ran out of room, and lost control of the puck.

Scrivens saved Mark Santorelli’s shot, won the staring contest against Klasen, saved Halischuk’s shot, but was beaten by Van Guilder’s wrister.  Roman Josi tried Klasen’s patented slow-down play in the 5th round, but hasn’t quite mastered it yet.  Do you think Van Guilder is the odd guy in that shootout lineup?  Coach Lambert doesn’t think so.

Meanwhile Mark Dekanich faced two missed shots, a great glove save, a great right pad save, and a poke check on Mike Zigomanis to seal the deal in the 5th round.



Bourque – Geoffrion – Santorelli
Klasen – Halischuk – Thang
Wilson – Hunter – Gendur
Flynn – Van Guilder – Bartlett

Discussion points:

– Anyone miss Lundmark or Thuresson?  Coach didn’t really want to talk about it after the game, but here was his comment.

– How about those missed checks by the Marlies tonight?  Ever seen a player miss and then go head first into their own bench?

– Dekanich.  Talk about a guy who was in the zone tonight.

– Klasen.  Bit of a puck hog tonight.  Lots of skating with the puck, but the Marlies gave him a TON of room to work.  Would prefer that he get rid of the puck instead of turning around and reversing course so much.  But there were some signs of creativity that on some nights will turn in to goals for him or his teammates.  Here’s Coach Lambert on Klasen’s night.

– Only 17 shots on goal during regulation for the Admirals.  They had a lot of blocked shots, but still.  Tough to win when that few are getting through.

– Not liking Blum’s turnovers lately.

– The tweet of the night comes from the Norfolk Admirals.  The original tweet has been taken down….but the apology is still up.  The “I” and the “O” keys are so close to each other, and if you’re typing real fast… might have to make this apology sometime too.

“WOW. I apologize for that typo, everyone. Gudas took a SHOT. He took a SHOT.”

– And I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Sutty’s team, the Seattle Freaking Seahawks, for keeping the dream alive that a 7-9 team MIGHT win the Super Bowl.  All hell would break loose, and it would be beautiful!

See ya’ll back here tomorrow.

15 thoughts on “Dekanich Shines As Ads Win 1-0 In Shootout”

  1. I think we did miss Lundmark and Thuresson. Despite Thuresson’s “absense” the last 30+ games, he at least wasn’t a liability on the ice. His offensive skills were missing, but his defensive play was still there. While Hunter and Gendur came in and played well, I think Thuresson is still a “step up” and provides more experience in key situations. (On one play when a defenseman got caught in the offensive zone, Hunter was skating as a defenseman as the Marlies brought the puck into the zone. He seemed a bit confused and left a guy open on the right side. )

    Klassen did hog the puck a lot, but I didn’t mind it much. He was given the space in the offensive zone to move with it, and unfortunately no one else was getting open or making room to generate scoring opportunities. It looked to me like Klassen was looking to make the perfect pass while he was hogging it up but just couldn’t find anyone.

  2. First, comments on the Roundtable discussion…

    I missed Thuresson tonight. As (crappyband)feed just stated, Andreas wasn’t doing much offensively, but he is as strong of a 2-way forward as the Admirals have. There were never instances of him giving up on a play after an offensive threat got thwarted. 1 Andreas Thuresson will forever be better than 82 Dylan Hunters/Dan Gendurs. (Creed..nothing against you, I’m sure you are a swell guy but creed makes me ill.)

    The Marlies were flying after the first intermission. Not sure if someone lit a fire under them, but they looked like a completely different team than the tired, slow team they dressed in the first period.

    Dex was a damn beast. Kid was incredible tonight. Nothing else to say.

    Klasen tries to do too much with the puck, and thankfully it only hurt us once tonight. Someday I fear it will cost us more than once a game, and someone will catch him blindsided and drop him.

    I think the Admirals had more than 17 shots on goal, but thats just me.

    Blum has been an issue as of late. Slow, sloppy play in both zones. Not happy with that at all.

    Norfolk….wow. Who knows, maybe he did both.

    Whodat. Whodat forever.

  3. Best part on Rosehill’s failed check into the Marlies bench? Nazim Kadri jumping onto the ice to replace him before he even landed on the bench…. hillarious.

  4. Now on to my 10 thoughts of the game:

    1- Glad to see Blake come back after the hit he took (I believe it was in the 2nd period) He didn’t miss a shift. Not sure exactly what happened, but for him to not miss a shift, then pick up time on the PK a few minutes later…good on him.

    2- Not sure what happened between the first and second period..but did Milwaukee and Toronto switch jerseys? Milwaukee came out gangbusters in the first period, and were holding on for dear life after.

    3- Klasen is a dang puck wizard. Granted he cost us a breakaway chance tonight, but he did a good job of wearing down the guys that were chasing him around all night. Sometimes he just needs to shoot the puck though instead of trying to make 82 moves.

    4- Is that 2 straight games the Admirals have played against a goalie with a blank goalie helmet? Show some creativity kids.

    5- I like the way Gender played physical tonight. He’s not afraid to take the body which is nice for a change. He hasn’t shown me anything offensively, but thats alright for now.

    6- Kadri and Dex were beasts tonight. Once the fire got lit under the Marlies bum, Kadri was all over the place. Took a nice tumble over by the bench though, not sure if it was Blake, but someone closelined him pretty good.

    7- Ryan Thang has been really impressive as late. Its not always gonna show up on the scoreboard, but he’s been making excellent plays to get other guys wide open shots, and has been really productive on offense and defense.

    8- When your team has a 5 on 3, shoot the puck. Its a pretty simple philosophy, and I understand you are looking for the best open shot…but when you have a 5 on 3, it shouldn’t take the entire minute to find an open man. That was an awful PP.

    9- I love the way Josi moves the puck up the ice. Sometimes the Ads have issues with breaking out of the D zone..there’s your solution. Let Josi move the puck every time. He has speed, moves, and good enough offensive skills to make plays happen.

    10- MVG’s shoot out goal. Crazy how Linus almost makes me crap my pants with a move straight out of a video game, and everyone else tries to be fancy schmancy in the shootout. Ole MVG just takes the puck right down the middle, shoots and scores. Eat your heart out Linus Omark and Stamkos.

  5. Yeah, the game was probably as exciting as a 0-0 game can be. The only downside was that my butt was sore from not being able to jump up an celebrate the goals.

    Ryan-the cookies were awesome. Anytime you have a few extra of those peanut butter things…well…you know where my seats are! (and again, thanks!)

    As far as Lundmark goes, it’s nice to have someone with his experience/talent on your team, but if you don’t wanna be here, then don’t waste anybody’s time!

  6. From the marlies site…this might be some of the most descriptive play by play of a shootout goal that I’ve ever heard.

    Mark Van Guilder, having scored twice in his five attempts in the shootout this season, was the fourth shooter for Milwaukee. He held the puck on his forehand as he carried it up the ice, checking it’s speed and positioning ever so slightly, and shifted it to his back hand as he crossed the hash marks. As Scrivens lunged his stick forward in an attempt to poke the puck away, Van Guilder shuffled the disc to his forehand and slipped it between the gap of the netminder’s pads.

    Was he really checking the pucks speed on the way down the ice?

  7. Dex was a beast ot there last night. The best part for me was the postgame interview. Dex was calm, not winded, and well spoken. Asked if he’d be ready for an early start on a back-to-back gameday, he said “I’m always ready”. Awesome.

    As memory serves, Dex is on a 1-year contract. Am I the only one worried about him either leaving on his own or getting traded? The situation in Nashville is not very promising for Dex – unless he grows another 8″ this summer.

  8. MiB… Grand Rapid’s goalie mask was silver with a purple octopus on it, not sure how you thought it was white? And that description sounds about right when compared to the Laughs fans behind me… and I quote “Its a good thing they (Palin/Mueller in OT) didn’t fight, I don’t want them on the Power Play in the Shootout”

    BTW, some early morning photo pleasure. Still not sure a clothesline is a legal hit in hockey though?

  9. Anyone know the name of the new song that’s played when the Ads come out for the third period? I think the band is Shinedown (at least it sounds like Shinedown to me)?

  10. Great photo Chris, thank you for sharing. You have such a knack for having the lens pointed at the right place at the right time. Phenomenal.

    Creed — I’m pretty sure it is Shinedown, but I’ll check with Geoff to see what song it is.

    MiB – re: the shootout goal…..”positioning ever so slightly…..” that’s hilarious. But in a game where that was the only shot that crossed a goal line, it would have a pretty short recap had they not gone into such detail.

    Spare Tire — you bet it’s a concern. Probably to everyone except Dekanich. I think if he keeps playing the way he has, there will be plenty of suitors come season’s end. Unless something drastic happens to Pekka or Anders, I think there will be better offers out there than to sign and be the #1 goalie in Milwaukee. Let’s enjoy the run in the meantime.

    You know, I think I’m with everyone on missing Thuresson. I think the stuff I wrote was a bit harsh. Reports I heard say that he did a nice job filling in for Spaling in San Jose last night. Throwing his body around and playing some good D. So good for him. If he gets sent back down when Spaling is ready to go, I want to see him throw his body around some more.

    Agreed about Thang. He’s been a lot more noticeable since Mueller got called up. Showed some flashes of Klasen-esque stick-handling at points recently. Starting to notice him using his speed a lot more. I think part of it may be credited to his supporting cast lately…but I’m excited to see what he can do the rest of season.

  11. Wanted to be the first to point out the conversation that SLake had with Erica Lundmark (Jamies wife) last night.

    Her tweets are as follows:
    you have no idea how much we appreciate your tweet. This decision has been and will be the most painful decision of our life.

    but 10 years of trying to achieve a dream and getting no where has officially worn on us. Its not a movie with a happy ending.

    it’s real life and we have to do what’s right for our family now. Waiving the white flag. Some things just are not meant to be.

    oh and for the record, we asked Nash if we could be permitted to look over seas before Christmas. They understood our reasons.

    had nothing to do with people being called up before him. We are not cry babies. We’ve been through much much worse

    it had to do with our children. Nashville understood and allowed us to look else where. Nothing was behind closed doors.

    the level of commitment comment is the most hurtful thing ever. Most guys gave up yrs ago. J has been fighting for 10 years

    I can’t believe that 10 years of struggle got summed up by Lane in 2 paragraphs. Just shows why we can’t be going through this.

  12. “10 years of struggle” Sorry, Lane only experienced 3.5 months of above average out of him, so I can see why he didn’t have a tearjerker press conference going. “Had nothing to do with people getting called up before him”. Well if he’s leaving because he’s not in the NHL consistently…then he is leaving for that exact reason.

  13. Mark,

    It had nothing to do with not getting called up. At this point in the season any recall would simply be a temporary situation and not provide enough security for him to move his family and have them join him. Jamie has a wife and three children aged 6 years to 4 months that were living at the family home in PA due to the costs associated with a mortgage in addition to rent for a family of 5 being too high for them to join him in Milwaukee this season.

    I’m not going to speak for their family, but I do want to express that this was not a decision based on hockey, it was a decision based on the needs of his family. This was clearly not an easy decision for Jamie or his family as he is giving up on his dream (NHL) and Erica is moving on from a new career she had just begun in PA.

    But the bottom line is that by making this decision they have secured their families future and are all together once again. I know not everyone will understand this, but this decision was not based on anything besides what’s best for Jamie and his family.

    I too wish it didn’t go down as it did and understand the frustration and anger expressed by Coach Lambert and some of the fans, however this is not the first time this has happened in pro sports and it won’t be the last. Life goes on and personally I wish Jamie and his family all the best moving forward…

  14. I agree that most of it was a family based decision, however I am sure some of it had to do with frustration out of not getting called up. I also think that just waiting until the offseason to move would make the whole situation go down a lot easier, but oh well.

  15. While I understand that he had to do what’s best for his family, he’s the one who signed the contract knowing full well he could end up in Milwaukee and not in the big show. I’m not mad at the guy. In the end as Lane said, if you’re not committed to the team then it’s better you leave.

    > “I can’t believe that 10 years of struggle got summed up by ”
    > “Lane in 2 paragraphs. Just shows why we can’t be going ”
    > “through this.”

    It’s great that Jamie’s wife tweeted to get the family’s story out, but I don’t understand this comment one bit. How should Lane have treated it? I thought Lane handled this great. Hockey is a business and Jaime knew how the business works, especially by signing a two-way contract. Off the ice, Lane may sympathize with the Lundmark family, but in the end his job is to run a hockey team and by walking out on the team mid-season, what’s he supposed to do? I just don’t understand why people think Lane did a bad job handling this. (People posting comments at On The Forecheck were also blasting Lane for his comments.) He didn’t even say anything negative in the press that I’ve seen (which was posted on this site). If Jamie’s wife is trying to say that Lane’s comments are off base because Jamie was committed to this team… then he wouldn’t be leaving, irregardless of his family situation. Again, he signed the contract…

    Just my $0.02.

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