Admirals Win In Packer Pre-Game Show

It seems that the Admirals were saving all the scoring from yesterday for today’s game.

Linus Klasen had a goal and an assist, Aaron Johnson had a pair of assists, and Blake Geoffrion netted the eventual game winner while shorthanded, as the Admirals defeated the 1st place Hamilton Bulldogs 3-2 Sunday afternoon.

Coach Lambert time.

The game did not start the way the Admirals were hoping, for with the Bulldogs getting on the scoreboard first. At the 3:02 mark the Bulldogs were crashing the zone when Mathieu  Carle sent a center pass from the far face-off circle to a wide open  J.T. Wyman in the slot, who then put the puck past Admirals goaltender Mark Deckanich, off the post and in.  Kelsey Wilson was the man responsible (or closest) for Wyman but was behind him and unable to do anything but watch the light go off.

Welcome back Linus Klasen. Number 86 was able to score the tying goal just over four minutes later. With Bulldogs’ Alexander Avtsin stepping back onto the ice after serving the period’s only penalty, Klasen was able to knock down the shot from the point from Aaron Johnson and  put the puck past Curtis Sanford to light the lamp.  The goal was Klasen’s 16th on the year and the spark that the Admirals needed after the early goal to the Bulldogs.

The Admirals were not done yet, and scored at the 10:29 mark on a great redirect from Ryan Thang. With the Admirals passing the puck around the perimeter of the offensive zone, it was Aaron Johnson that put the initial shot on net. With Thang camping out in front with a nice screen he was able to redirect the puck and scored (I can’t say light the lamp because SOMEONE forgot to hit the button, and don’t blame your tools Mr.Someone… ya BSB).

In the second period, the Admirals had chances early and even had a power play. It was the same ole’ power play as the Admirals were happy just passing the puck in the zone looking for the “perfect”  set-up.

Brett Palin was sent to Johnson’s office to make some calls to headquarters about his recent commission check, so the Admirals were down a man at 9:30 of the second. That didn’t stop them from scoring though.   Teemu Laakso was down low behind his net and sent a clearing feed off the boards to center ice where Blake Geoffrion was all alone.  He went in on a 2-on-1 rush with Gabriel Bourque.  A retreating Bulldogs player was able to catch up and close the passing lane to Bourque, so Geoffrion skated in, delayed, and went to the top shelf off of Sanfords glove for the Admirals 3rd goal of the game.

Still down a man the Admirals were not able to keep the Bulldogs from scoring on the same power play. Alexander Avtsin had the puck near the far face-off circle with the Admirals in zone coverage. He was able to hang on to it finally drawing an Admirals player to contest. Avtsin then sent the puck down low behind the red line to Aaron Palushaj who quickly sent the pass through the crease to J.T. Wyman who put the puck in the open net. It was a great set play that was executed to perfection, with Jon Blum and Teemu Laakso unable to get into the way of the passes.

The Admirals entered the 3rd period with the 3-2 lead and the advantage of a power play. They were unable to convert on the power play but it help set the tone for the remaining stanza. Neither team was able to get a goal but the Admirals did a great job on the defensive side and Dex came up big with some huge saves to seal the 3-2 victory.


Gendur – Hunter – Wilson
Bourque – Geoffrion – Santorelli
Thang – Halischuk – Klasen
Flynn – Van Guilder – Bartlett


Bartlett the bruiser?  Does he have a future as a tough guy?

Dex was awesome.  Feel free to find a more eloquent way to say it.

One of the best games we’ve seen from Johnson this year….didn’t like the mis-play of the puck in the 3rd period that led to a great chance that Dex bailed his butt out on.

Outshot again, 30-24.   0-5 on the power play….scored a shorty, but then gave up a goal on the same power play.  Coach talks about special teams.

Was this one of Blake’s best games of the season too?  I think the goalie wants that shot back (or a bigger glove), but outside of that, how did you like Blake’s game?

Home cookin’.  12-2-2-1 on the season at the BC.  That’s pretty awesome.  That’s almost a dozen wins, yo.

And how quickly did you get to your car or local bar to start cheering on the Packers?

4 thoughts on “Admirals Win In Packer Pre-Game Show”

  1. I was half way home before the kickoff was made :P

    I don’t think this was Blake’s best game, but was a good one for him. He still isn’t strong enough along the boards and in the corners. If he improves that area of his game I think he’ll be a dominating player in this league. He was very good on faceoffs the last couple of games though!

    I am really impressed with Halischuk, especially over the lat few games. He’s really picked up his game, forechecking and making plays.

    Bartlett should stick to being a grinding forward and leave the tough stuff to guys like Ford. I think he got his ass handed to him in the short few exchanges that were made. haha. It was great though to see him stick up for his teammates. The reason he went at it there was after the initial hits, Conboy swung his stick at the back of Ford’s legs.

    Our power play needs work. It seems like they want to handle the puck too much. Everyone’s looking for the best pass and would rather wait for it than shoot the puck on net and dig for rebounds. I really liked what I saw with Hamilton’s power play. They stuck two guys in front of the net and let the other three move the puck around to get an open shot. Perhaps we should look into something like that. Between Blum, Josi, and Klasen we should be able to move the puck around the perimeter of the zone and let guys like Halischuk, Wilson, Geoffrion, Bourque, and Van Guilder take care of business in front of the net!!

  2. Bartlett and Geoffrion need to quit the tough guy act. Its not working, so they should just cut their losses before one of them gets hurt.

    Dex is phenomenal. Nothing else to say.

    Aaron Johnson has been solid as of late. I have no problems with his play recently.

    Blake is finding his groove, and I’m quite ok with that.

    Best record in the league at home? Nothing wrong with that. We aren’t playing amazing, but we are doing enough to win…and we’ll take that.

    Was in the car by kickoff, slept through the entire game once I got home.

  3. Bartlett and Geoffrion need to quit the tough guy act…really? I have no clue how you can have a problem with Bartlett standing up for his teammate when Ford takes a huge slash to the knee/ankle.

    And what do you expect Geoffrion to do when he is constantly getting shoved around? Pull a Crosby and complain to the refs about it, or would you rather have him stand up for himself???

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