Pictures From The Houston Game

You can see them here, via The 3rd Intermission blog in Houston.

I was looking forward to reading their take on the game, but sadly, they phoned it in.  We’ll link to it anyway, because we’re swell like that.

Enjoy the pictures.

UPDATE:  Speaking of going through the motions, let’s hear it for the editors at the Journal Sentinel!

Here’s the thing…our friend Dave Boehler writes the story.  But he doesn’t write the headline or photo captions or anything else.  Most people don’t know that, but it’s true.  Dave has nothing to do with the attempted wit of the headlines.

Great headline in the story for the game against Houston:  “Admirals finally has the bounces go their way.”

Ok, everybody makes mistakes….we all do.  We all butcher some  grammar rules and take some liberties with others….But their job is to make a headline fit for publishing, and anything short of that is unacceptable.   This makes Dave look bad, and I can’t get behind that.  What a joke.

Also, would it kill them to make sure they spell the names of the players correctly in the photo caption?  Who is Peter Zigoni?   And really….THAT was the photo they chose to run with?  I’d use it for a caption contest, if I didn’t already know what everyone was going to write….

6 thoughts on “Pictures From The Houston Game”

  1. I can haz headline?

    Good to know Dave isn’t to blame for the Rockford Ice Dogs tag. The JS online editors are purely awful. And that picture looks inappropriate.

  2. If you wanted T3I’s take, you can check out their summary of the game at the Houston Chronicle.

    Hope you enjoyed the nauseum of Aeros green in the shots, getting home at 11 pm and driving to (and from) Rockford the next night will make you want to save your energy for later.

    And here’s a question for Ads fans, what’d you think of Pascal Morency? #37 on Houston, who tried to hit anything in blue (including the sideboards) and usually ended up worse for wear on the hits.

    BTW, how come Lambert seemed to make sure he kept Wilson’s line away from the Morency/Kassian line? Was Hagel’s upper-cut the night before too much?

  3. Figure they’d get credited as something other than “Chronical News Service” if it was them? Sounds like a stringer to me. And it wasn’t a take — I rather enjoy the takes of Heather and Andrew on that blog. Oh well.

  4. Why do we have to go to an out-of-town blog to see Chris Jerina’s photos? Did you guys have a falling out or something?

  5. I liked the “Wild Thing” they played after Thang’s goal. Any chance he’d be willing to get the Rick Vaughn haircut??? I think it would be a perfect fit for the Bob Uecker bobbleheads next month.

  6. Go Ads Go,

    No, there was no falling out, just some external circumstances on my end. That Aeros game was one of few times this season when I have been able to process the photos within 24 hours of the game’s end and just don’t have the time (at least in the immediate future after the game). You’ll notice the same thing on my blog, that photos from games usually come about 3-4 days after it happened.

    That combined with 90% of the time Ryan & Eric (& Sutty) last year would use the unprocessed images which for story-telling is fine, but the perfectionist in me hated it and I didn’t want that again, and as above, I realize I cannot get the proper images to the proper people in a timely matter (on average), so would rather not be involved.

    Besides, considering that all of the photos were completely shot from the angle of the Aeros, not sure how much interest there would have been from that set on this site.


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