Ads End Year With Loss To Peoria

Spending New Years Eve on a bus in Peoria isn’t ideal.

Spending New Years Eve on a bus in Peoria after a 3-1 loss to the Rivermen is less ideal.

The Admirals came out strong, out-shooting the Rivermen 11-2 in the first period, aided by some time on the power play.  But the only goal in the frame went to Nathan Oystrick, while Aaron Johnson was thumbing through his roll-a-dex in his office.  Took the Rivermen just 17 seconds to convert.

The Rivermen scored two more goals in the first 5:30 if the second period, and Mark Dekanich was given the rest of the year off starting in the 3rd period.  Jeremy Smith got some work in, and made saves on all ten shots he faced.

Special teams?  Probably the difference in the game.  They still need some work.  0-6 on the power play for the Ads, and they gave up two power play goals on six Rivermen chances.

Thuresson?  Two shots.  No goals.

The only goal went to Ryan Thang, who is doing his best Chris Mueller impersonation, scoring in his second game in a row.  Incidentally, Mueller did not play in this evening’s Preds game.

And with that, I’m going to the Riverside Theater to see the Hold Steady welcome in 2011.  Best wishes to you for a happy and prosperous 2011!

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