Yonkman To Return to BC On Sunday

Watch the football game later on your DVR or VCR or whatever you have set up.

Be at the Bradley Center on Sunday, as the San Antionio Rampage come visit, with former Admiral Nolan Yonkman included.

The Phoenix Coyotes just sent Yonkman back to San Antonio after he played his first games in the NHL since the 05-06 season.  In 12 games, he recorded one assist, eight shots, 24 PIMs, 34 hits, 9 blocks, and was a +3 defensively.

So here’s your question:  How do you plan to greet Yonkman in his first return to his former stomping grounds?  Cheers?  Boos?  Indifference?  And how do you think the Admirals faithful will react in general?

11 thoughts on “Yonkman To Return to BC On Sunday”

  1. Cheers. He’s not the best player on the ice – or the smartest. But he was a good Captain and he represented the team well. He’s a nice guy, too. Class act and the fans will treat him as such.

  2. I completely agree with Spare Tire. I will cheer for Nolan in the introductions, and wish him to have a decent game and to stay healthy. I will boo the rest of Rampage and I will cheer for the Admirals to win handily.

    Nolan was a class act. Always available to the fans and the community. He was the face of the Admirals for two years and would have signed here again if Phoenix wouldn’t have gave him 200 K more a season and a legit chance at the NHL. The Predators could not match that.

    I will always remember his joviality and friendliness at last year’s celebrity serve. He stayed well past the time he was required and talked to every fan that come to see him. He was a great captain, and a better person.

    We as a hockey community owe him a lot, and the least we can do is give him the respect and kindness that he earned as a member of our community. I have no problem with people deciding to cheer or not to cheer, yet the boos should be silenced, if only for this game.

    Go Ads!

  3. I have to agree with the general consensus. I had the privilege of meeting him outside of an Admirals event and he was one of the nicest guys I have met pro athlete or not. He was also always good for a quote or answering the questions that we hurled at him post games. I was actually probably one of the few that were sad to see him go, but I can’t blame him for doing it. Now the real question is, Will someone drop the gloves and show him that there is a new sheriff in town? Geoffrion… (sigh) please sit down….

  4. I figured the consensus would be like this. And I agree.

    I guess the new question is what Sutty asked — will anyone have the guts to drop the gloves against him Sunday?

  5. I boo-ed him as an Admiral, why wouldn’t I boo him now?

    I would applaud ex-Admiral, should-be All-Star, and feel-good story Matt Beaudoin, but unfortunately, he’s hurt and won’t be playing.

  6. I will give Nolan a ring of my cowbell during introductions as he was always kind to me at Admirals’ events last year. During the game, I will be secretly waiting for him to take a *Yonking* penalty to help the Ads then more cowbell!

  7. Yes he was a nice guy fan friendly and all that but I’m still with Chris. Was looking forward to seeing another ex-Admiral who was also a very nice guy (though wasn’t famous for Yonking) – Jed Ortmeyer. But come to find out he has signed an NHL deal with the Wild but obviously a 2-way since he is with Houston now. He already played a game with them yesterday. So will settle for seeing another ex-Admiral that was friendly – Bracken Kearns. He likes to fight now so if there’s a fight it will probably be with him not Yonkman.

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