Admirals Face a Quick Turnaround Back to Chicago

After a tough 5-1 loss to Chicago Saturday night, the Admirals don’t have to wait long for a rematch.

Milwaukee returns to the Windy City Tuesday night for a return engagement with the Wolves at Allstate Arena.

It will be sixth of ten meetings between the two geographic rivals, who share an unpleasant taste for one another.

“It’s one thing to be close to (Chicago)and to play them so many times, but we see each other so much that you kind of get sick of playing them,” Mark Van Guilder said.

Van Guilder points to the seven game series the two foes battled through last spring as a big factor.

“The other (thing) was playing them in the playoffs last year,” Van Guilder said. “Whenever you go through a seven game playoff series like we did with those guys, you definitely get up when you play them.”

The final aspect of the rivalry on the ice is the culture clash between organizations.  Nashville runs the Admirals as its primary developmental organization, stock piling the team with top prospects that are generally younger players.

Meanwhile, Atlanta keeps the Wolves as less of a dependent club by stocking Chicago with numerous AHL/NHL veterans, players like Jason Krog and Darren Haydar, who can pile up the points in the AHL, but have a more limited value to the parent NHL club.  The result is a style clash that plays out in intense ways on the ice.

“It’s always a good battle against two good teams that do things differently,” Van Guilder said.

11 thoughts on “Admirals Face a Quick Turnaround Back to Chicago”

  1. Why support an AHL team if you are just going to use them as your junkyard? Seriously, what value did a guy like Chelios bring to the Wolves last year – other than a fan draw (which was more a tease since he didn’t play much and was injured for a good chunk of the season)? I give the Preds credit for using the Ads the way an AHL team should be run. Sure, it’s frustrating at times to see guys “developing,” or leave, but it’s great to see a guy mature, get called up, and eventually stick at teh NHL level. Dex will be the next guy to go. I wish we could keep him here, but that’s not the ultimate goal for these guys and Dex is on the cusp of earning his locker in Nashville (or somewhere else in the NHL).

  2. Never could stand the Wolves……can’t stand anything from Chicago for that matter. I hate losing to them no matter where the game is played. Let’s get some revenge tomorrow!

  3. Nashville’s scouts and draft record put Atlanta to shame, so the Thrashers have to plug their depth chart with vet signings every year.

    Hopefully it will improve with a new GM in Atlanta, but that’s going to take a few years to filter down. By that time, I don’t think Atlanta will be the parent club.

  4. lol Klasen scored the lone goal, but it is his fault the ADS lost right? Because he didn’t bring his super ultra defensive game and therefor it is solely blamed on Klasen! Oh so he scored the lone goal, what did the rest of the team do? Busy playing that amazing defense?

  5. oh here is another one for you. Did puck magician Alexei Kovalev ever play defense? No he didn’t, yet he has played over 1000 NHL games and has a cup. Or did you see Pavel Bure ever back check, but yet he was a superstar in NHL. Or another example in Paul Kariya.

    Offensive players, should do what they do best. Bring scoring.

  6. Wolfkeeper – thanks for the imput. It seems the management in Atlanta finally has the big club in pretty good shape. I think it’ll probably trickle down sooner rather than later.

    SantaKlasen — I dig the enthusiasm. I do. But let’s get an understanding here: we’re not haters. We both want the same thing. We’d love for Klasen to continue to be awesome on offense, and improve on defense, and we’d love to see him play in the NHL. But when you bring up the question of why he’s here and not given more of a chance in Nashville, we’re doing our best to be realists. They’re looking for some responsibility. That’s just how it is. Fair or not, like it or not, that’s the current status of things. Some games the whole team lacks responsibility, and Saturday night was unpleasant for everybody. They all probably got chewed out by the coach extensively.

    You can vent all you want about his situation, but I think we’ve addressed it more than thoroughly. Want to talk about the game, we’ll gladly engage you in that. But there’s no need to try and pick fights with us here. We’re on the same team.

    I would be interested to know your relationship to the guy though…..Friend? Family? Just a fan?

  7. Sounds like Klasen is going to need a restraining order soon. I work at a police department, I’ll help him out.

    The guy is good and talented, he will earn his time in the NHL soon enough. This is his first season playing hockey in North America, let him build his skills and fine tune everything down here for a season or so before throwing him into the big dance!

    Wolfkeeper-Always look forward to hearing from you, we very rarely get respectful Chicago fans (of any sport) in Milwaukee (and I’m sure it’s the same with Milwaukee fans for you), so yeah, thanks for the breath of fresh air!

  8. The Wolves owner put in a bid to buy the Cubs when they were for sale, the guy is loaded. Somehow I think it has more to do about money, then bad drafting by Atlanta. Probably the Wolve owner pays for some of the costs the parent club would normally pay for.

    The Wolves were televising all there games when the Blackhawks weren’t. When Haydar left us one of the office guyes said Harris wanted to pick up the over on his salary, and Nashville wouldn’t let him. Because there not worried about us winning , just about developing there draft picks.

    I mean there are only three types of player you can draft, and there are eight rounds every year to the draft.

  9. > When Haydar left us one of the office guyes said Harris wanted to pick up
    > the over on his salary, and Nashville wouldn’t let him. Because there not
    > worried about us winning , just about developing there draft picks.

    Don’t know the source, but if that is true that is just plain dumb. Who better to help your prospects develop than one of the best offensive players in the AHL?

  10. > When Haydar left us one of the office guyes said Harris wanted to pick up
    > the over on his salary, and Nashville wouldn’t let him. Because there not
    > worried about us winning , just about developing there draft picks.

    I’ll believe this when I see a source. Seems to me this would create one heck of a bad precedent in the organization if true – and Harris is a smarter guy than that. Even if true, no way does that become public. So I have a hard time believing there is any substance to this.

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