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Admirals Face a Quick Turnaround Back to Chicago

After a tough 5-1 loss to Chicago Saturday night, the Admirals don’t have to wait long for a rematch.

Milwaukee returns to the Windy City Tuesday night for a return engagement with the Wolves at Allstate Arena.

It will be sixth of ten meetings between the two geographic rivals, who share an unpleasant taste for one another.

“It’s one thing to be close to (Chicago)and to play them so many times, but we see each other so much that you kind of get sick of playing them,” Mark Van Guilder said.

Van Guilder points to the seven game series the two foes battled through last spring as a big factor.

“The other (thing) was playing them in the playoffs last year,” Van Guilder said. “Whenever you go through a seven game playoff series like we did with those guys, you definitely get up when you play them.”

The final aspect of the rivalry on the ice is the culture clash between organizations.  Nashville runs the Admirals as its primary developmental organization, stock piling the team with top prospects that are generally younger players.

Meanwhile, Atlanta keeps the Wolves as less of a dependent club by stocking Chicago with numerous AHL/NHL veterans, players like Jason Krog and Darren Haydar, who can pile up the points in the AHL, but have a more limited value to the parent NHL club.  The result is a style clash that plays out in intense ways on the ice.

“It’s always a good battle against two good teams that do things differently,” Van Guilder said.