Ok. So…About Last Night

Wasn’t there and didn’t listen to the game.  But from the people that I’ve talked to, it sounds like it wasn’t that great of a showing.

I’ll let the people who made the trip chime in with their thoughts in the comments section….but to sum up…not a good day for the Nashville organization.  Ads lost to the Wolves 5-1, Preds lost to the Kings 6-1, and the Cyclones lost 7-2.  So 18-4 is the grand tally.

Turning point in the game?  Already down 2-0 in the waning moments of the 2nd period, Blum and Laakso were called for penalties at the same time, and it gave the Wolves a full two minutes with the two-man advantage.  They only needed 26 seconds to cash in, scoring at 19:59 of the period.  Still on the power play opening the 3rd period, they scored again to make it a 4-0 lead.

Meanwhile in Music City, Mark Dekanich made is NHL debut coming on in relief of Anders Lindback, stopping 22 of 25 shots in a hair under 50 minutes of action.  You can check out the game highlights from Dirk’s recap at ontheforecheck.com.  Not the best goals he has given up….ok, that’s a weird sentence.  Credit the Kings, but I think Dex probably wants one or two of those back.

And then after the game, he was re-assigned to Milwaukee, along with Steve Begin.  So I think that will mean the end of Chet Pickard in Milwaukee for a bit, and maybe Dylan Hunter too.

So for those who made the trip to Rosemont….. Was this the worst effort you’ve seen all year?  Good thing this wasn’t last last game before the holiday break….

11 thoughts on “Ok. So…About Last Night”

  1. Why can we not beat them? We’re a (statistically) better team, and they were without Haydar still right? So that makes us 1-4 against them…apparently Dex is the only goalie who doesn’t mind playing the Wolves… Can’t really blame Smith on this A) There was NO goal support and B) he was probably still dead from all of his acrobatics against LE.

  2. I hope klasen signs with another team next year. He is admirals leading scorer by far and yet he is treated like garbage by the preds organization. He deserves a real shot in the NHL. Hell if Linus Omark can make it, so can klasen.

  3. LMAO at above statement (RE: Klasen). (Similarly, what happened to that grit everyone was cheering about last night? Don’t think I saw him go into a corner once…)

    And to say this was the worst effort, would imply there WAS effort. Besides Jeremy Smith, I saw no effort. Neither did I see many completed passes, including Blum’s whiff that lead to the 4th goal at the start of the 3rd.

    If Wolfkeeper gets up video, someone for the life of me, explain why Brett Palin was guarding the man behind the net on the 5-on-3 with 3 seconds left in the 2nd?!? If he would have moved out, possibly near the umbrella of Wolves it would have resulted in a different result… or stalled Krog for the 0.3s needed to end the period.

    Fact is tho, when your only goal is on a breakaway, and can’t establish any form of a consistent offence, it doesn’t matter how bad the defense is.

    Props to Scott Ford though for trying for the rematch with Deveaux… and in turn giving him some Christmas hugs. (The official penalties were 2 minutes each for hugging, right?)

  4. Just saw the video highlights on wolfkeeper.org http://www.wolfkeeper.org/board2/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=7362 .

    Pure and simple, the Admirals need to be better about clearing the puck from their zone. I pumped the tires of the d-men in the last recap, but they certainly looked like pedestrians in the highlights.

    It’s great that Jeremy is making the first saves, but his life is being made so much harder by all the rebounds. But it looked like many of the first saves were pretty huge. Tough to blame him on the goals.

    Don’t like Blum AT ALL on the last two goals. He can’t fan on a clearing attempt from that spot in the ice on the 4th goal. And what a poor decision to pinch down at that spot in the offensive zone on the 5th goal. Credit Van Guilder for doing all he could, but that was Blum’s man who had the open look and scored.

    I’m okay with Palin on the 5×3. The Wolves made the umbrella so tiny by that point. Van Guilder was ALMOST able to clear it out of trouble. Ford was being worked over by Deveaux, so he was a non-factor in the final seconds.

  5. Re: Klasen — Unless you are privy to some info about things that the organization has said to him, I’m pretty sure that’s not a fair statement. Here’s the thing: he’s got amazing offensive skill and talent and it’s fun to watch him work. But his game is not complete. The highlight reel goals are sexy, but turnovers and missing assignments in the defensive zone aren’t. If he can work on those things while he’s here this year, it would be in his best interest for the future.

  6. To expand on your Klasen comment Ryan. You are exactly right. No one doubts that Klasen has the offensive skills to play in the N.H.L. Then again no one question’s Robbie Earl’s or Nazem Kadri’s, but they’re still bouncing around back and forth.

    Klasen is aware of why he’s in Milwaukee, and the organization has been clear with him on what he needs to do to move up. Too many bad turnovers and a liability at times in his own zone are his drawbacks. He is a wizard with the puck, and in some organizations he might be successful in the NHL as a mostly one-way player, say a Nik Zherdev of the Flyers or Phil Kessel with the Maple Leafs.

    But he signed with Nashville and the Predators/Admirals. The organization prides itself on playing players who make limited mistakes. Until he balances out a bit more, Klasen will be staying here. However, he is still an exciting player to watch, no question.

  7. Ryan,

    I would agree with Palin’s positioning, IF there wasn’t less than 10 seconds left in the Pd. (I think it was Ross there) wasn’t going to be setting up any plays behind the net with the clock ticking down that low, especially considering it was a bit of a scrum in front of the net on the other side of the net.

  8. Klasen, reminds me a bit of simon gamache. Great offense but lack luster attention to details, one thing that contributed to simon going to europe instead of the NHL was his inability to complete his game.
    Klasen is very talented and needs to round out the rough edges before he gets that call up to stay in the NHL.
    For whatever reason Chicago always has our number kinda like how we used to beat up on grand rapids every game until this year.
    Side note unrealted why does the nhl allow fans to vote in the all stars? its purely a popularity contest, Brad richards is 6th in the league in scoring but like 50th in votes its just not right. :(

  9. oh give me a break, without Klasen’s scoring ability, the ADS are an even worse team in the standings, because no one can score! And it is laughable that you talk that he needs to play a complete game, because neither can nick spaling or freaking steve begin.

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