Gubernatorial Candidate Scott Walker Thinks Admirals Fans Are Not Important

I’m sure that headline couldn’t be farther from the truth, but I wanted to fit in with all the mis-information that has been spread by both sides in the campaign to be the next governor of Wisconsin.  You can’t talk about the race without putting words in people’s mouths.

That big news Jon Greenberg was tweeting about yesterday?  They were hoping to announce that both candidates would be at the Admirals game this Saturday night, to go along with the promotions that are already planned.

Scott Walker declined the invitation.  Tom Barrett accepted the invitation, and will be there to drop the first puck, and meet and greet with fans/voters/mascots.

According to Greeny, they had been working to get both candidates for the last couple of weeks, but Walker officially turned them down today.

But wouldn’t it have been awesome to see them go sled-to-sled in the human hockey puck?  Or have them skate as racing cups of Merkt’s cheese?  Maybe in the next election….

11 thoughts on “Gubernatorial Candidate Scott Walker Thinks Admirals Fans Are Not Important”

  1. I wish Walker would have done it.
    Would have been nice to have them both at the game.

    Just shows that Barrett understands Milwaukee a little better.

  2. Glad Walker won’t be there, that way he can’t get the bright idea to furlough the Admirals players.

  3. TheManinTheBox,

    Best Comment I’ve read all night.

    I am also glad that Walker is not there, he might hire some temps to play, that will end up stealing the identity of our players.

  4. So only 1 guy I don’t like instead of 2? Things are looking up! My mother is a county employee so the “furlough day” comment really made me giggle (in a manly way of course).

    Ryan, the Republican in me has to stand up for Walker…How the hell can he be a human hockey puck contestant without screwing up that ridiculous comb-over? That’s probably the real reason he’s not going to attend…fear…

    Jason, although you may be happy without Walker there, Barrett may hire ACORN to vote multiple times for him to win the human hockey puck!

  5. You know, I was afraid that I was going to catch some flack for even introducing politics into a post here….so thanks to everyone for being cool about it so far…

  6. You deserve some flack Ryan, this is a Hockey Blog! But now that you have opened that can of worms, I figured I better chime in.
    I have long since made my decision on the Senate race, but until now I was totally undecided on the Governor’s race.
    Thanks to Scott Walker, my decision is now an easy one.
    Walker doesn’t respect Admirals hockey = My vote for Tom Barrett.

  7. Mark- I have seen many a human hockey puck election biased by a small vocal group of voters. Nice work with jokes for each candidate.

    Ryan- I really enjoy the roundtable, and thus I promise that all posts will stay light, no matter the topic.

    Thanks again to all, reading this blog is a real highlight to my week.

    Go Admirals!

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