A Three Pack of Questions with Admirals President Jon Greenberg

Speaking of Jon Greenberg, during the Home Opener I sat down with the Milwaukee Admirals President for a few a minutes to get his initial thoughts about this year’s club.

Question 1: What are your first impressions of this year’s youthful Admirals?

Greenberg: “As much as we like to see guys come back here year after year, we are all excited to see the prospects that Nashville has in their system that come through here and to see what they are capable of doing.  I like guys such as Blake Geoffrion and Linus Klasen, so hopefully it will be a good year.”

Question 2: Early in the season Milwaukee’s blueline should be one of the team’s strengths.  How do you see the Admirals defense shaping up?

Greenberg: “Defense has always been a strong point in Nashville’s farm system and I don’t think this year is going to be any different.  Once Roman Josi comes back from his injury I think we are going to be even deeper.”

Question 3: What are your early expectations for Milwaukee?

Greenberg: “When you have so many new guys like we do this year, it is about getting used to playing with each other.  I have never worried about the start as long as we are a good team at the finish.”

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