Goodbye Mr. Spaling

Suddenly feeling the pinch at the center position, the Predators have recalled Nick Spaling, who should be making is season debut for the Preds on Tuesday night against Calgary.

Matthew Lombardi and Marcel Goc were placed on IR today.  And if you saw any of the game against the Capitals on Saturday night, Jerred Smithson kind of looked out of place on a scoring line.

So in the short term, it looks like Colin Wilson and Spaling will handle the center-duties on the 2nd and 3rd lines.  Wilson had been playing the wing, but is certainly capable of playing in the middle.

So that’s great for Nick.  But what about the Admirals?

Reports are saying that Jamie Lundmark is close to recovering from his groin injury, and he may be ticketed to Milwaukee soon.  He could certainly step right into the spot on the first line vacated by Spaling.  Mike Bartlett or Blake Geoffrion could get promoted to the first line, although Geoffrion hasn’t exactly shown anything to deserve the privilege of playing with Linus Klasen…

Still plenty of time to get the roster sorted out before the Admirals next game on Friday.

One thought on “Goodbye Mr. Spaling”

  1. Good for Nick and Preds, bad for us. The Preds PK will be better now, but ours will be worse. Gonna miss him. Will they send Lundmark here when he’s finally healthy?

    Also what is up with Lehman? I know he’s been one of the scratches but he is never out for warm-ups and usually the healthy scratches are. Is he possibly hurt?

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