Dekanich Re-assigned; Maybe Big News Monday?

Dexshow has officially been re-assigned to the Admirals.  And after our adventures with Chet this past weekend, don’t be surprised to see Dex in two of the three games next weekend.

Meanwhile, on Jon Greenberg’s twitter page, we get this message:

“Hoping for a major news announcement regarding next Saturday’s game vs Abbotsford on Monday. Fingers crossed for some good news.”

Well, October 23rd is my father’s birthday, so they’re probably flying him in for the game.  They delay is that he hates flying, so they’re trying to work out the details.
That would totally be a major news announcement.

Or, some kind of big announcement with Mole Day.  You chemists out there know what I’m talking about!

Maybe the candidates for Wisconsin Governor will be present and handing out the masks at the gates to go along with that promotion?  And kissing hands and shaking babies and whatever else they do.

Maybe a special guest as the Admirals continue The Hunt For Pink October?

Maybe something related to the Packers/Vikings game next weekend?

Just thinking typing out loud.  I guess we’ll find out when we find out.

7 thoughts on “Dekanich Re-assigned; Maybe Big News Monday?”

  1. I’m assuming Spaling being called up isn’t the good news??? Well, great for Spaling…crummy for us.

    Ryan, you have some pull with the promotional team right? Can you get them to hand out paper bags for those of us that don’t like either candidate?

  2. Mark — not a bad idea. Maybe we can get Sendik’s involved and hand out some red bags?

    But yeah, I’m assuming that Spaling’s recall wasn’t the big news. We’ll miss him though, that’s for sure.

  3. I would much rather have a red plastic bag over my head (tied tightly, and double bagged just in case) than a mask of Dumb and Dumber.

    Although, TheOneGoodThing’s link of creepy ski masks may work as well…

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