Video From Saturday Night’s Game / Shootout Discussion

– Ford looked pretty awful in both of his fights.

– Lots of guys in black jerseys unable to pick up the puck on the Wolves 1st goal.  Yes, Johnson was right there.

– Shootout:  They had the right idea going on the right side, and they would have been goals if there could have been a little more elevation.  And then nice to see Klasen go forehand this time on Pasquale, you know, for a change of pace.

One thing I’d like to put up for discussion:  Interesting choice of the first four shootout players:

1.  Santorelli
2.  Klasen
3.  Van Guilder
4.  Bourque

Don’t know who the fifth shooter would have been, but I’m surprised to see that the following names did not get the chance to shoot:


So Roundtable:  Who would your five shootout guys be and in what order?

10 thoughts on “Video From Saturday Night’s Game / Shootout Discussion”

  1. Agreed with Ben’s lineup.

    Also, I dont really care if Ford looked bad, at least he was willing to fight. Good to see that on a relatively week team we have, compared to others.

  2. Disagree on Ford. The Wolves scored on the first shift after he was bloodied up by Deveaux. Momentum or coincidence? And that second fight was while the Admirals were in the attack zone and actually attacking. If you’re happy that he was willing to fight, you’ll have to admit that his timing was poor.

  3. That goal after the Ford/Deveaux was kind of a fluke though… it was a bouncing puck that Palin, Johnson, and Wilson all could not handle. Ross just happened to be able to get his stick on it. I wouldn’t say the fight energized the team to cause them to score… I’d say it was more of a luck goal.

  4. Looks like Ford decided to break up some good offensive work by the Admirals to get his ass handed to him by Deveaux. Not the smartest move by one of the assistant captains.

    Nice to see Wilson and Johnson being useless on the first goal.

    Absolute rocket by MVG for the 2nd Admirals goal. Nice to see him being in the right place at the right time and being able to finish.

    Chicagos 2nd goal continued a baddd night for Ford.

    Chet looked pretty bad in the shootout, and Klausen impressed as always. I can’t get enough of that kid. Misearable attempt by MVG. I was surprised not to see Thuresson, but maybe he was goin to be #5.

  5. No problem — glad to see you guys back. Might not be my favorite team but I can appreciate great writing!

    Any Admirals fans who want to see the full games vs Chicago (home and away) can download them from my site. You only need to register to see the hidden sub-board for them.

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