Camp Wednesday

Aaron Sims has a great blog entry about some of the goings-on at camp today…you can check out the full blog here.

Among other things, he broke down the forward lines that practiced today.  Of course, they’ll be a little different tomorrow as some extra bodies will be dressing for the first time.  But it’ll be interesting to see the consistencies over the next week of who is playing with who on a regular basis.

Chad Painchaud – Michael Bartlett – Chris Mueller
Gabriel Bourque – Blake Geoffrion – Ryan Flynn
Kelsey Wilson – Mark Van Guilder – Mark Santorelli
Brett Robinson – Dylan Hunter – Andreas Thuresson
Kevin DeVergilio – Connor Shields – Ryan Thang

The line combo that jumps out at me is the 2nd one…You’ve got a high energy guy on the left, a Hobey Baker winner in the middle, and a guy on the right that turned some heads in Preds camp.

I checked in with Aaron after practice, and he said that none of the free agent invitees (aka the names you don’t recognize) stood out today.  But it was just basic drills today.

Also on the Admirals website, you can check out a video of Kelsey Wilson, explaining why he came back to North America this season, after playing in Europe last season.

6 thoughts on “Camp Wednesday”

  1. I know its just the first day….but seems like Thuresson was relagated to the 9th line of forwards.

    I’m guessing he gets paired with Spaling and someone else when the season rolls around?

  2. Wow, I don’t really even know half of these players…should be a interesting start of the season for me.

    With Ryan Grant leaving, who will fill in the enforcer roles for the Admirals besides Kelsey Wilson? Thanks!

  3. lol Ryan Grant…..his injury will really mess up the Admirals…

    Pretty sure you meant Triston. Kelsey will fit the bill because….well because he can’t do much else. There are a few other candidates but Kelsey is the leader in the clubhouse….maybe the Preds should waive Belack, and he can come be worthless here like he is in Nashville.

  4. ManInTheBox — that’s definitely plausable. Spaling and Thuresson have been pretty good together in the past. But then again, Thuresson spent some time on scoring lines last year. So we’ll see.

    Taylor — Both Triston and Ryan Grant’s shoes are pretty big to fill, for sure. Scott Ford I think will take care of some of the physicality (and he won’t take as many dumb penalties as Wilson will). Scott Lehman should also be a physical force. And Bourque might end up surprising us too. He’s one of the guys I’m most looking forward to seeing this weekend in the pre-season games.

  5. Too early for line combinations. I think they need to evaluate the talent they have here this year. There will be some tough decisions to be made this year. Hope to see some sort of trend as far as line combos towards the end of the preseason games though.

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