Did Dexshow Get A Fair Shake?

(Photo credit:  Scott Paulus)  Perhaps you’ve heard.  Perhaps you haven’t.  Goalie Mark Dekanich has been re-assigned to Milwaukee.

But did he get a fair shake in training camp?  Let’s look at some quotes and some stats.

Prior to last night’s game against the Thrashers in which Anders Lindback played all 60 minutes, the two goalies had played about the same amount of minutes.

Dekanich had 56:58 of ice time, and made 12 saves on just 14 shots.
Lindback had 60:21 of ice time, and made 29 of 30 saves.

Can Dekanich be faulted for not facing nearly as many shots as Lindback?

Prior to last night’s game, here are some sentences we can attribute to Coach Trotz.  (courtesy of the Tennessean)

“I haven’t com­mit­ted to going half the game or two periods and one period, that type of thing.  We’ll see how the game goes. I told them both to be ready to play tonight.  I’d pro­bably give a slight edge to Lind­back just because he’s had more work.  Just a slight edge. For the most part, they’ve made it dif­fi­cult which is exactly what you want.”

Ok, that’s fine.  So they’ll each probably get some ice time against Atlanta….they’ll just see how the game goes.

Well, after two periods, the game was tied 3-3.  Lindback had given up two goals over the final 10 minutes of the 2nd period to give back what was a 2-goal lead.  And when the 3rd period started, Lindback was still in net.

After the game, Coach talked about his reasoning…or at least what he’d like us to believe.

“I thought the plan going in, as I tal­ked to both goa­lies, was Lind­back would play two (periods) and we would see where that took us.  At 3-3, I didn’t think it was fair to put Deks in at that point. Obviously he wants to go in and prove him­self. I thought it was impor­tant that we con­ti­nue to forge forward.”

Didn’t think it was fair to put him in?  Is it more fair to talk about this great battle for the backup goalie position, but not give one of the contenders any ice time?  Since the 9:11 mark of the 2nd period on Friday the 24th, Dekanich has not seen any game action.  Makes you wonder if the decision had been made already.

Trotz continues:

“To me, he is a Chris Mason.  He’s a bull­dog, a great ath­lete, all those things. He’s going to play. I’m not too worried about him not pla­ying at all. He’s a guy that has just got­ten bet­ter and bet­ter. He’s a good pro no mat­ter the cir­cums­tan­ces, here or Milwaukee.”

I think there’s a compliment in there somewhere.  I’m not exactly sure where.  Somewhere?  Maybe?

While it’s easy to point to those things and say that he got a raw deal out of the so-called competition, there is a lot that is unknown to us.  In Milwaukee, we didn’t have the benefit of watching him (or Lindback) practice.  We didn’t have the benefit of being around Mitch Korn as he worked with the goaltenders over the course of the camp.  We don’t know what his attitude was like.  We don’t know how well Pekka Rinne and Lindback have bonded, since they are essentially clones of each other.  But obviously, more than just time-on-ice goes into making roster decisions like this.

While I don’t think Dex got a raw deal, I DO think Coach Trotz is in mid-season form when it comes to Coachspeak.

Ok Roundtable — what do you think?  Did Mark Dekanich get a raw deal in the backup goalie competition?  And if Chet Pickard is the “goalie of the future”, how much ice-time do you think Dex should get with the Admirals while he’s here?

10 thoughts on “Did Dexshow Get A Fair Shake?”

  1. I think in the long run, this will be better for Dex.

    He already has enough training in opening a door based on the time he spent backing up Chet last year.

    Anders has no experience opening a north american door. He’ll be sitting in Nashville ALOT, hence lots of practice.

    All joking aside, I think its smart of the Ads to keep Dex and Chet about 50/50 in Milwaukee to keep them both fresh…which neither would do if they were openin the door in Nashville.

  2. He’s got a good attitude on his twitter page. “Disappointed on my way back to MKE. Will dominate there and be back soon.” Hope he’s right!

  3. I believe he should have received some more ice time, yet this might be best for Nashville and Milwaukee. With more polish he could really step it up the next time he gets the call. I think this will put a chip on his shoulder, not unlike what happened last season when he was demoted to the cyclones. When he came back to the Ads, he was lights out awesome. He has the talent, yet he needs to work on staying back on shootouts, so that he can stop more of them. Overall he has a bright future, just needs a little more polishing, down here in Milwaukee.

    Best of Luck Dex.

  4. isn’t that the norm for a pro player in today’s sports world all dex should do is come down with a good attitude if you can’t get with nashville their are alot of teams in the nhl or europe to go to

  5. Matt — there are some divas out there. And some that have played with the Admirals, for sure.

    Jason — do you think a 50/50 split on playing time would benefit the development of both Chet and Mark?

  6. There is so much that is intuitive for the coaches about these decisions that its tough to tell if he got a fair shake, but I’d be surprised if he wasn’t up there a couple times at least this season

  7. I feel that Dex got a fair shake while more ice time may have made the choice harder who is to say that nashville doesnt just grab a free agent vet to cover those 20 starts that pekka needs rest for this season? someone like a manny legace type, my feelings are that Dex may not even be in the cards at all with nashville the way he has been brought him along, if he was wouldnt he have gotten called up once and a while to at least expeirence nhl level practice last year? He is a solid net minder but very questionable on breakaways and shootouts. He may i hate to say it for his sake splitting time this year in milwaukee with pickard 50/50.

  8. I think Nashville is in the unenviable predicament of four, young, talented goalies that all need ice time to develop. a 50/50 split would be great in a perfect world, yet a choice must be made for what is best for Nashville in the future. Dex was the man last year, a 50/50 split diminishes that confidence and his leadership. His GAA, was very good and he single handedly carried the team for a good stretch late in the season.
    A 50/50 split would not give Chet the needed leadership experience and ice management that is necessary for his development. I think the Ads need to have a fierce goalie completion, and the winner of it get the lion’s share of the starts. If Dex wins, then give him the job, and spend some serious time fixing his shout-out performance. If Chet wins, then we need to look to a Peter Overcky-like trade to make sure that Dex gets a fair shake at developing him game. While also avoiding a goalie conflict.

    The X-factors that are still very much in play. What to do with Jeremy Smith?
    Does he stay in Milwaukee as a bench warming third, go back to dominate the ECHL again, or is he the man out? What happens if Nashville goes after a nhL vet?

    Very tough call. I wish Mark, Chet, Anders, and Jeremy the best of luck. They all have natural talent that will help many teams win games.

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