Here Come The Reinforcements!

Josh Cooper is the man.

He’s the man for many reasons.

First and foremost, he’s the man, because he’s not John Glennon.  Who is NOT the man.

Josh Cooper is the new beat reporter for The Tennessean newspaper, and he’s done an amazing job so far with breaking stories and being on top of things.  He’s a pro on twitter (@JoshuaCooper), and was able to share with us that some players are coming to Milwaukee today.

So be sure to give a warm Milwaukee welcome (or welcome back, depending on the player) to:

Chet Pic­kard
Brett Palin
Teemu Laakso
Grant Lewis
Kel­sey Wil­son
Andreas Thu­res­son
Nick Spaling
Matt Halischuk

Pickard dressed last night, but never saw any action in any of the pre-season games.  Halischuk was the only player from the bunch to register a point in any of the pre-season games…but then again, only 10 of all the players in camp have done so.  Halischuk was tied for tops in camp with one goal and one assist.

Stay tuned…

UPDATE:  Our friends at Section303 are reporting that Linus Klasen is on his way back as well.

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