Admirals Roundtable 101

(Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

Today marks Day 1 of Training Camp for the Nashville Predators. There are plenty of names in the mix to keep an eye on because it isn’t long before the Milwaukee Admirals will be opening up their Training Camp prior to the start of the 2017-18 season. It’s with that in mind that we feel it best to get everyone set, old and new, for a new campaign here at Admirals Roundtable before we shift into maximum overdrive. Let’s go over the groundwork for some of “what” and “when” we do things.

(Photo Credit: Daniel Lavender)

Firstly, my name is Daniel Lavender and I am the Editor-in-Chief of Admirals Roundtable. I’d like to think of myself as your driver through the course of the hockey season. It has been my mission to make Admirals Roundtable the go-to destination for news and information related to the Milwaukee Admirals and prospects of the Nashville Predators organization. The 2017-18 season will mark my sixth around the Admirals and fifth at the helm of Admirals Roundtable. The aim is to provide fans with an inside access to the Milwaukee Admirals with as much fan interaction and recommendation as possible. When it’s time to do interviews – I want to know who you want to hear most from. Admirals Roundtable is meant to be as fun as it is engaging. That’s only helped through all of you fans.

So, how do you get and stay involved? We are supremely active on social media. But, all cater to audiences in a different fashion. Twitter is where we are most active and provide a bit more of a casual and personalized way of chatting with y’all. Facebook is where we publish posts, photos, and share stories from throughout the landscape of the organization. If you prefer your news without the heavy stream of consciousness that can be a Twitter News Feed? Our Facebook page will do you just fine! Plus, if you prefer a photographic approach, we’re also providing news updates and the occasional meme or two on Instagram. Lastly, you can also provide a comment through our website in the comment section below.

Throughout this season, behind game recaps and roster news, we will frequent in several Features. Chatterbox is our interview column that runs after practices and games. Scouting the Enemy will get you prepared before heading out to the rink to catch the Milwaukee Admirals and allow you to get a better sense for just what’s up with the opponent. Fifteen is an interview series where we select a player of your choice to step up for fifteen questions and help us all to get to know them better. And, arriving soon, the Admirals Roundup Podcast will be making its way to this website and we’ll be -you guessed it- talking Admirals and rounding up a player for a feature chat.

“When will all of this be published,” you ask. Great question, you! The news cycle is dependent upon whenever the news is but we like to have as much up as possible, as correct as possible, and as fast as possible. For many seasons now the post-game interviews associated with Chatterbox were delayed until the morning after a game simply because Admirals Roundtable has been a one-man ship. With us not only looking for sponsorships opportunities but for additional staff this season we’re looking to change that and get you everything as promptly as possible. That can be said of much of all publications here. We want to give you the news and inside scoop in and around the Milwaukee Admirals as often as we possibly can.

There is still some time before “maximum overdrive” starts up. The ETA for when Training Camp begins here in Milwaukee is around a week from now. Once a more official date for the start of camp is set – we’ll offer that up!

On a personal note. Thanks to all fans for their continued support and interactions. Admirals Roundtable isn’t much of a “roundtable” with one person sitting on it. This website thrives because of fan support and continues to grow because of fan interactions, suggestions, and recommendations. 2017-18 offers both the Milwaukee Admirals and Admirals Roundtable the chance to take steps forward. Let’s take leaps forward this season.

Welcome to the Roundtable,

Daniel Lavender
Admirals Roundtable

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2 thoughts on “Admirals Roundtable 101”

  1. I can’t believe that it has been 5 years since you took over as editor. Congrats! I look forward to the new season. Keep up the go work and GO Admirals!

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