Join The Roundtable: Looking for New Staff

(Photo Credit: Jeremy K. Gover)

With the 2017-18 season looming in the distance I am excited to announce that Admirals Roundtable is looking to make an expansion this season in the form of new writing staff as well as the addition of a podcast. I feel it is important for there to be new and unique voices added to Admirals Roundtable. For any aspiring sports writers, journalists, or those who want to get an experience in the media – this is a quality opportunity for you to find a place to start while covering the Milwaukee Admirals of the American Hockey League.

The sort of candidates Admirals Roundtable would be primarily be looking to add would be those nearing, currently attending, or having graduated college. Your focus at college (e.g. English) isn’t as important as your passion to provide content. Your sheer ability to deliver that content isn’t as important as your willingness to learn and improve. This isn’t purely a news platform. It’s a focal point for fans to discuss the Nashville Predators, Milwaukee Admirals, and Norfolk Admirals. Writers & Fans are all on the same team here. And it is important to speak to the diehard and casual fans in the readership.

My expectations for any new staff members would be to be willing to contribute new and engaging written, audio, or even video content here on Admirals Roundtable. At our core: we write news and we analyze news, games, players, and happenings within the Nashville Predators organization. Yet, a creative and active mind is precisely what we’re looking for considering this website very much is a blank canvas waiting for the right artists to make some magic out of it.

There is a very key point that needs to be mentioned. And I cannot stress this enough: If you are purely joining as a fan – to be a fan behind the scenes – applying is wasting your time. Professionalism is a top priority that needs to permeate all aspects of Admirals Roundtable. Passion is important for wanting to join. Yet if that passion or level of fandom supersedes professional conduct – you’re in the wrong place.

For those who are interested in joining Admirals Roundtable for the 2017-18 season I politely ask all interested to send an email to: From there I will gladly follow up with applicants over further questions or details.

Daniel Lavender
Admirals Roundtable

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3 thoughts on “Join The Roundtable: Looking for New Staff”

  1. I’d love to help out in some capacity, unfortunately working 3rd shift means I usually have to dip out as soon the final buzzer sounds. A podcast sounds like a great idea though!

  2. Mark: “In some capacity” is still someone more than just myself here at Roundtable. I’d always be on-hand for gamedays. Which still leaves plenty of time around them for contributions. I’m happy to to test the waters with the right people even if missing games happens. It doesn’t make certain opinions any less accurate. Goodness knows I’ve heard of feature stories made using Chatterbox clips that we have up. Resources are always there to help – including myself for that matter. :)

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