Fifteen with Jamie Devane

(Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)
Jamie Devane is a teddy bear if you ignore what it would be like to drop the gloves with him on the ice. (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

Welcome back to Admirals Roundtable’s Fifteen series. If you haven’t taken a look at the Milwaukee Admirals’ schedule lately you might not be aware of how much open air time there is about to be. There’s four games in the next two weeks and all of those games are on the road – first in San Antonio and then in Lake Erie. That means getting to do these interviews becomes a bit trickier to do. But, I have a list of the players you want to hear from building and building. Today I’ve got the next man up on the list.

Here in Milwaukee by now we’ve become familiar with a man named Jamie Devane. It’s either his friendly off ice stories I hear about from fans, personally seeing him laugh it up in the Admirals locker room, or where all of us can see him do his handy work on the ice – KO.

It’s almost a distant memory but this was the man acquired by the Nashville Predators from the Toronto Maple Leafs when Taylor Beck was traded (and on my birthday no less). It’s clear that Devane isn’t what Beck was. But it’s also clear that Beck is not what Devane is. I’ve been regularly impressed by his work rate on the Admirals lower lines and particularly how he grinds teams down with the likes of a Félix Girard centering him. The short and sweet of Devane’s game is that I don’t think you can say he ever cheats the Admirals out of a shift. He battles hard and does a lot of dirty work that can do a world of difference in a hockey game. And, also, Marek Mazanec cited him as the funniest player on the team. That might have been all the introduction I needed.


Admirals Roundtable: What were your inspirations to play hockey?

Jamie Devane: I started when I was young. I didn’t really like it too much but, as I grew up, I started getting better at it. I dunno, just one of the only sports I played. (AR: You didn’t like it much?) Not when I was younger, no. (AR: Any reasons?) I hated skating.

AR: When did you realize that you were going to be playing hockey for a career?

Devane: Probably my first year of junior [2008-09, Plymouth Whalers]. I had a lot of good feedback from my coaches there and I was having a good season. So, first year of junior I thought I could make a career of it. (AR: You skating improve by then?) Yeah!

AR: Who was the first famous player that you encountered?

Devane: I think it was Mats Sundin. I’m from Toronto so I remember I saw him after a game. He had like a fan meet and greet.

AR: What is your greatest hockey moment?

Devane: Probably the day I got drafted [2009 NHL Draft, Third Round, #68 Overall, Toronto Maple Leafs]. That was the best day for me and my family.

AR: This is a fun one to ask you. What’s the most memorable goal that you’ve scored?

Devane: The most memorable goal I scored was probably a shorthanded goal against back in juniors. It was a game-winner. I got a breakaway somehow of the draw and it was during playoffs. That was a pretty memorable one. [Editor’s Note. I’m not so sure I’d say game-winner but…]

AR: What is the strangest game that you’ve played in?

Devane: [deep thought] (AR: I feel like the go-to answers for a lot of guys might be the AM hockey games played this year.) Yeah, I’ve played a lot of those in my day but it would have to be a couple years ago when I was playing in San Francisco in the [ECHL]. The zamboni broke down and they had to get the players to push off the zamboni.

AR: What is your most embarrassing hockey memory?

Devane: One time I forgot to take my helmet off for anthems.

AR: What is your most painful hockey moment?

Devane: One time I blocked a shot with my hand and I broke my hand blocking a shot. That’s probably the worst one.

AR: What are your favorite uniforms in hockey?

Devane: I think our’s this year. I really like our jerseys this year. But, in all hockey, I think the… oh… hate to say it but I do like the Blackhawks jerseys. (AR: NO!) Yeah, it’s tough to say! Hey, I hate the Rockford ones but I like the Blackhawks ones. (AR: Well, the Rockford ones have a stupid pig on them.) Yeah, exactly. Classic.

AR: Who is the funniest player that you’ve encountered?

Devane: I mean, Conor Allen is pretty funny but he will tell you he’s funny. So, I don’t know how good that one is. I played with a guy last year Greg McKegg, I think he plays in Portland [AHL] now, he was a pretty funny dude.

AR: What is your favorite aspect of Milwaukee so far?

Devane: I didn’t really realize how big of a city it was when I first came here. But it’s a pretty big city. I didn’t expect that at all.

AR: What is your favorite food, either here in Milwaukee or abroad?

Devane: Here? I just started trying cheese curds and I don’t mind those. Those are pretty good in Milwaukee. (AR: You just got everyone back who might have just been put off by the Chicago Blackhawks comment. That’s a very Wisconsin thing.)

AR: What is your favorite non-hockey hobby?

Devane: Watching TV series. I’m a big TV series watcher if you call that a hobby. I just started reading some books actually, so. I like reading books now. (AR: What shows?) Anyone. Game of Thrones, Lost, Prison Break, House of Cards, all of ’em.

AR: What is your favorite non-hockey memory?

Devane: Getting that little piece of paper. I graduated college and I got a little piece of paper saying I graduated college. So, that’s probably my next best feat.

AR: What do you see yourself doing after hockey?

Devane: Oof, hopefully I can somehow stay in the game of hockey but I don’t really know. I’ve not thought that far ahead. Hopefully I can keep it going for a little longer here. (AR: Scott Ford turned immediately into a coach, so.) Yeah, I think you have to be the mayor of some city. They call him the mayor of Milwaukee. (AR: He’s the Sheriff.) The Sheriff! I guess they call him that, too.

Thanks to Jamie Devane for taking the time to do this interview. Please please comment down below with who you would like to hear from next on Fifteen!

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6 thoughts on “Fifteen with Jamie Devane”

  1. MGB: His English is still a serious work in progress but he understands bits and pieces, kind of understands some Swedish/Finnish so the Euros can kind of interconnect the language barrier for him. He followed Admirals coverage at World a Juniors on a visual platform via Ads Roundtable on Instagram – I used lots of emojis to visualize messages back to him. He’s a really nice guy and I think that comes off with or without his understanding of English. Players always seem to be joking around with him in the locker room and that included after last game when Maz mocked his stick breaking tantrum in the Gold Medal game! Everyone saw it. Everyone laughed – including Kamenev. Loved Maz doing that. Perfect tension breaker for him to loosen up and know the guys here treat him like a brother. I’m sure he’s going to be disappointed with what happened for awhile. But he has the support of the locker room here in Milwaukee to make him forget quick and just have fun again.

  2. Thanks again Daniel, and I hope you continue the 15 segments. I do think Kamenev would be a fun interview.

  3. MGB: Cheers! I don’t think I’ll be able to get Kamenev this year. His English is so rough. I’m working him in like I did Miikka/Maz in their first season. A lot of stuff on the plate and learning to speak English is just one of them. He should be better next season.

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