Fifteen with Scott Ford

(Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)
If you look close enough, just behind the head of goal scorer and ol’ pal of his Anthony Bitetto, you will find Milwaukee Admirals assistant coach Scott Ford. It’s almost a half season in but it still feels bizarre seeing him behind the bench like that to me. (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

It probably says a lot about the person when a fan based feature such as this gets tasked with interviewing active players yet it’s the former one that so many still want to hear from. I’m not surprised by it. Not at all. After all, Scott Ford is the Sheriff of Milwaukee.

I would like to preface this by saying, if you liked the transcription of these Fifteen interviews as the previous ones had, I’m sorry. The fact is that Ford-o and myself could probably talk for a solid ten hours straight if not for my audio recorder’s batteries almost dying as this interview took place. It’s that long. We spoke for just over twelve minutes and it would have been longer if not for me checking the battery every now and then. As such, twelve minutes worth of talking is a massive amount of dialogue that I would simply rather have you all listen to rather than read. Next time I’ll get back to a transcription (unless you readers actually prefer just having the audio).

Of note. This interview was done while the Milwaukee Admirals had an autograph session to conduct. All players were tasked with signing various items that you great fans can either earn or win along the way this season. That meant random players approaching every now and then. And boy did one Victor Bartley ever provide a primary assist in this interview! You will hear both Bartley and Admirals VP of Communications Charlie Larson chiming in during this one. Buckle up. Because interviews with the Sheriff are always good.

Thanks to Scott Ford for taking the time to do this interview. Always love talking with that guy. Also, cheers to Victor Bartley for chirping in the background and then taking part in this one. Perhaps he should be the next player featured? You decide! Please please comment down below with who you would like to hear from next on Fifteen!

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4 thoughts on “Fifteen with Scott Ford”

  1. Adam payerl and Viktor Arvidsson(yes I know he’s in Nashville maybe if he comes back to visit?)

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