Question of the Day: What Is Your Ultimate Admirals Lineup?

Is Darren Haydar the best player in the history of the Milwaukee Admirals? (Photo Credit: EHC München)

The Milwaukee Admirals have rolled out some incredible talent in the history of the franchise. Whether it be the USHL, IHL, or AHL era of the team there have been names that have left a great impression. That got me thinking about who you would select for a starting five and goaltender fantasy lineup?

Danny LecoursFred BerryDarren Haydar
Marc MoroScott Ford
Pekka Rinne

Certainly loads of options. Toughest for my line combination comes at center and defense. I could have gone Mark Van Guilder, Cal O’ReillyTony HrkacVern Fiddler, Mark Mowers, or Phil Wittliff. Plus, defensively, there’s anywhere from Shea Weber, Sheldon Brookbank, Greg Zanon, or Ken Sabourin. I may have gone a wee bit sentimental on the Rinne choice in net. Richard Sirois or Wade Flaherty are other solid options.

What’s your ultimate Admirals lineup? Will you be the one to give Juuso PuustinenSimon Gamache, or Chris Mason a starting spot?

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5 thoughts on “Question of the Day: What Is Your Ultimate Admirals Lineup?”

  1. Can’t argue with the forwards or goalie, but I’m going with Curtis Murphy and Randy Boyd on D with honorable mention to Kevin Willison.

  2. Balanced scoring, size, strength and meanness.
    Ginooooooo Cavallini (LW) Fred Berry (C) and Dale “Yak Attack” Yakiwchuk (R)
    Curtis Murphy and Greg “The Cannon” Zanon
    Wade Flaherty

    Scoring and speed up front, speed and passing from the D-men, solid goalie.
    Danny Lecours, Tony Hrkac and Darren Haydar
    Randy Boyd and Brad Werenka
    Pekka Rinne

    All Defensive Team, taking and giving punishing hits for the team and the puck.
    Mike McNeill, Mike Tomlak and Steve Tuttle
    Ken Sabourin and Derek “Boxcar” Davis
    Mark “The Fighting Goalie’ LaForest

    Honorable mentions:
    Rich Sirois (G), Ron Stern, Scott Upshall & Mike Santorelli (F), Tom Tilley & Kevin Klein (D)

  3. Here’s my high octane lineup. Yakiwchuk centering Lecours and Wittliff. Randy Boyd and Kevin Willison on D withe Rinne in goal. Honorable mention – Fred Berry, Darren Haydar, Doug Robb and Curtis Murphy.

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