Summer Ramblings, Vol. 29

(Photo Credit: John Russell)
Reminder: Miikka Salomäki will be 100% healthy when the 2015-16 season begins. (Photo Credit: John Russell)

Happy Monday, Roundtable. The Wisconsin State Fair is now in the past. So there is another item off your “Countdown to Hockey in Wisconsin” checklist. Hope you folks had the chance to stop on by the Milwaukee Admirals booth in your time at the State Fair and stocked up on all that new logo merchandise for the upcoming season. Speaking of which…

~Uniform Delivery~

The moment this re-branding went down for the Admirals I instantly picked up a customized home jersey. It arrived late last week and now I’d like to get to talking about that new look uniform all over again.



Having it in hand now – I’m sold. I love this. It’s quite seriously not that different from what the Admirals just had and, if anything, it ditched the old Reebok Edge uniform template and went for something that’s entirely unique to the team. For those that know me well you’d know how much I like the Pittsburgh Penguins baby blue retros. This color scheme, while a slight bit different thanks to the splash of silver trim here and there, works.

It’s worth pointing out some highlights of this jersey for those of you thinking of making the purchase via the Admirals Online Store

(1) Depending on your name – there is a good chance that your name will spill on to the shoulder yolk like mine did. Perhaps down the road the letters will rest on a white nameplate instead (I fully expect the on-ice uniforms to have that and the screen printed style name and numerals like last season). Regardless if that’s a big deal or not, it looks fantastic.

(2) Speaking of the name and numerals. Curious about that silver application on the new Admirals jersey? It’s not too shiny or anything ADHD inducing. As for the shoulder numerals they are quintessentially the exact same color palate as before. Only difference there is the new font being used.

(3) The shoulder patch appears to be a simple iron on. I’m not sure if it is just me but it feels a lot tougher than my previous Admirals jerseys bone anchor shoulder patches that were applied the same way. Different material? Not sure, but hopefully that toughness element stays true for everybody and it stays on nicely. Curious what the on-ice shoulder patches will be like: screen print or actual stitched on patches?

(4) Now to get into nitpicking area. That silver line that flows up into the collar. I didn’t really think much of it when I saw the uniform before the launch or after seeing it modeled at the launch. Seeing it up close it’s just weird to me. If the collar was left as is without the silver line bleeding straight up in through it I think it’d be fine. Instead it looks sort of sloppy. The good news? It is me nitpicking on a heck of a small detail on what is an awesome new jersey.

Enough fashion talk. Simply steer yourself to the Admirals shop or call them up and chat with their Manager of Merchandise and Purchasing, Kim Salli, and pick one of those bad boys up!

~AHL Schedule~

The NBA finally got their crap together and launched their schedule. That means teams in the American Hockey League can now leap to wiring in dates to get their schedule finalized. It sounds as if that should take around two weeks to get done. Plus, good ol’ Ryan Miller had the following notes in regards to how the Milwaukee Bucks schedule might mean a more relaxed weekend schedule for the Admirals this season:

Sounds promising for fans and the business side of things for the Admirals as well. It’s not shocker that weekday crowds aren’t exactly big for the Admirals. The AHL is a weekend league and if the buzz that the Bucks are generating means they’re happy to set up shop during those weekdays while allowing the Admirals a chance to host on those Friday, Saturday, Sundays – then I think we’re all winners.

Last note on the AHL schedule. They had a nice article on their website talking about how the schedule gets puzzled together. Curious about how that big process goes down? Read up.

~Kevin Fiala and Nashville vs. Milwaukee~

It’s really an old news story but I did get enough comments back from it that I feel the need to touch base on it.

“At the end-of-the-year meetings when [Head Coach] Peter Laviolette and I are talking to players, we’re usually the ones doing 90 percent of the talking,” Poile said. “So we did the talking to Kevin and then he says, ‘What do I need to do, I’m going to be playing for the Nashville Predators next season. I’m not going to [AHL affiliate] Milwaukee, I’m going to be playing [in Nashville].”

When that is said it isn’t Kevin Fiala taking a shot at the Admirals or the city of Milwaukee. He simply wants to be where a player of his talent and skill level wants to be, the NHL. I’ve found it a bit odd hearing that people interpret that as if Fiala would reject a move to Milwaukee at the start of the season out of some kind of spite towards the Admirals or AHL level hockey. It isn’t. He just wants to be in the NHL playing with top level talent against top level talent in the best league in the world. The AHL isn’t that.

Were Fiala to start the season with the Admirals I suspect him to come to the team with the right attitude, in a locker room with faces he would be familiar with, and looking to earn an NHL spot while playing top line AHL minutes doing it. It worked for Filip Forsberg. It would work for Fiala if the Predators felt the need to have him play in Milwaukee to start the season or for longer.

It’s in saying that where I go right back to all I ever said about Forsberg to the awaiting Nashville public: patience. He’s good. In fact, he might be good enough and driven enough to be with the Predators right now. If not? It isn’t the end of the world to have him hone in his all-around game and be “the guy” for the Admirals.

If I had any concern here it would be if Fiala were to start the season with the Admirals and take that as a slight by the Predators and provide a sputtering display of what he can actually do. I heard instances in Sweden where Fiala sounded like he could be a handful with his attitude but I never heard or saw any of that last season whatsoever. He wants to be an NHL player. Should he be in the lineup for the opening game of the Admirals season I think that is still his mentality with a focus of doing what is needed to be done in Milwaukee for him to get up to Nashville.

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4 thoughts on “Summer Ramblings, Vol. 29”

  1. I get that Poile wants depth, but to keep signing players over the top of current prospects isn’t putting much faith in them IMO. Fiala, Salomaki, and Watson… just isn’t room for them in Nashville. Poile’s comments about being confident Watson could make the roster in Nashville to start the season, I don’t get it.

  2. if Fiala plays in milwaukee this year it won’t be for long once training camp starts alot of players will be playing for a few spots available

  3. The only person who can stop Kevin Fiala from playing in the NHL is …
    Kevin Fiala!

    If not Nashville, he will play for another team.

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