The Chatterbox, Vol. 81

(Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)
This is Jonathan Diaby. He is really good a being a tall person. This jersey must be massive. (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

Happy Thursday, Roundtable. What’s new? Oh.. everything? True. In fact I feel like the line “Welcome to the New Age” can be used ad nauseum right now. If it wasn’t enough that the Milwaukee Admirals were going to be sporting a very exciting, young, and talented team for the upcoming 2015-16 season they went ahead and nuked the old look in favor of something new.

I have to say, whether it was seeing the Roundtable Twitter feed blow up or the in-person responses I heard, this seems like a massively popular new look for the Milwaukee Admirals. Purely a guess: 98% positive response based on all the feedback I’ve read on Twitter, Facebook, and from people at “All Aboard” yesterday. When I look back to the poll I conducted not too long ago it was mainly split between those wanting a new look or not wanting one at all. The latter of that group sounded pretty into it when the new logos flashed in the jumbotron unveil. So, I think everyone is a winner in this little rebranding. Especially the Admirals merchandise sales – which you can help skyrocket right here.

At the event I was lucky enough to chat with a pair of Jonathans. One is tall dark and handsome. The other is the team president. Here is what both had to say in regards to the new look for the Admirals and more.

Jonathan Diaby‘s thoughts on the new look:

Diaby talks about Rookie Development Camp in Nashville:

Diaby discusses the departures of several teammates from last season to this season:

Diaby’s expectations for the 2015-16 Admirals:

Diaby and I try to find where all the French Fries (3 and 16 were there, 47 and 89 nope) went:

Jon Greenberg (Full Interview):

Greenberg and my most professional moment as a reporter:

Further reaction from the “All Aboard” event. Did you attend and what did you make of the turn-out to support the Admirals? Did you already purchase your new look Admirals gear? Do you appreciate Admirals President Jon Greenberg saying the team wanted to have its own look and identity? Would you rather have had the Admirals mirror the Nashville Predators uniforms and logos?

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12 thoughts on “The Chatterbox, Vol. 81”

  1. Eh. Lots of reasons this logo is just ok. For one thing, it was designed by a firm that designs lots of sports logos. Why not think outside the box and find a creative source for the logo instead of using trendy gimmicks like the M’s on the collar? The colors are boring. Why use the old jerseys as our 3rds? That seems silly. Let’s face facts: the new logo looks like Skeletor. He’s a goof. The MA patches are way too busy and, again, we’ve seen this idea before. It’s trendy. This logo is just a Milwaukee twist on current trends in logos. And this logo will never be a classic and will eventually be replaced too. It’s not good enough to be enduring.

    Let’s ask this: why not bring fans or season ticket holders into the process rather than spring this on us righ? Usually ploys like this are used as a distraction from other problems like missing the playoffs for the first time in nearly a generation. Need some new revenue? Let’s make everyone buy all new gear. Wonderful.

    Well I’m not All Aboard. Sorry.

  2. First of all, I was impressed that the Admirals put on an amazing show. I mean the ambiance was amazing from the lighting to the props. Good job Admirals! Then, the amount of people attending was pretty awesome. Last, the fashion show was enjoyable seeing former and current players strike a pose. Thumbs up on that logo too. I am happy to have a fierce logo.

  3. I was blown away by the new logo and jerseys. Very fresh and a lot more mature than the previous ones (which I still very much liked) Not as fond as the away jersey as the home but that logo jumps to best in the AHL in my mind. Great job by the Admirals. I’m All Aboard.

  4. At best, this is the 7 or 8 best AHL logo. At best. The line forms behind the Amerks.

    All signs point to the fact that the Ads themselves are not very confident in this logo. Read the comments from Turer. Those are not the words of a proud owner bursting to show off his new logo. He was scared. I bet he’s still scared. Then, the team Twitter feed felt the need to retweet every single positive comment including the sarcastic ones. Talk about insecure. Then we have websites make incredibly stupid comments like “98% positive response” to the logo. Really? I bet 98% of people wouldn’t agree the sun is coming up tomorrow.

    I agree with the commenter above. This will be known as the Skeletor logo. It’s not bad but it’s not great. I think a lot of people are not impressed including the team itself. Ads will miss the playoffs again, but at least we have a new logo.

  5. Not that impressed, but wasn’t impressed with the last one either. However now I(took a couple of years} think the last one is great. I own the gray and white of last years jersey. Will call the Ads today, and if its available, I’ll bring the dark (new jersey} jersey home today.

  6. The new logo looks like a Cartoon Network villain. His sideways hat also looks silly.

  7. Lots of hate here LOL. Back in the post with the poll about the logo, I said I was indifferent, thinking this was a cash grab by the organization to pull in more money through merchandise sales. I will say, after seeing the logo yesterday at the unveiling I was pleasantly surprised. I like the new logo. After letting it sink in after a day, I like the logo even more. The MA I dislike as it’s hard to see what it really is if you don’t know ahead of time. But the Admiral skull and hat, as well as the full emblem with Milwaukee Admirals is very cool. I also like the color changes. I agree the black and blue with our previous jerseys was great, but the new road jersey is awesome. It looks really sharp to me.

    I do agree with other posts though that it’s kind of disappointing they kept the skating skeleton logo. While I still like that logo, it doesn’t really fit with the new look now. I hope they don’t keep that logo painted on center ice…

  8. Just to add, the overwhelming response I’ve seen on various sites – Facebook, Twitter, Reddit /r/hockey – has been nothing but positive.

  9. Has anyone asked Mattel if they approved the use of Skeletor in the logo? Do we have comment from He-Man on this? Or is Scott Darling playing the role of He-Man?

    I kind of like the full team logo with the head, team name, and partial uniform. The head alone that appears on the jerseys is a bit lame. Not a fan of the M&A patch. I have no idea why they are keeping the skeleton kid logo in the 3rds. What’s the point of that?

  10. I enjoyed the unveiling and these jerseys and logo look more professional. I grew to love the last logo. Took a while but i got there. I think the same will happen with people for this one. I know many people say “bring back the old logo” but the captain crunch logos had their time but eventually got a bit outdated this one combines those with the skull logo in a real sharp image. Now let’s get to October and start winning!

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