Poll: Are You In Favor of an Admirals Rebranding?

Shh… it’s a secret.

For those who either picked up the flyer at Summerfest or caught wind of the news through the Milwaukee Admirals social media – there is a major team event taking place in less than two weeks time. What will it be about? It’s a mystery at this point but the advertisement itself gives three very specific clues that all center around the phrase “All Aboard.

(1) The font being used for the phrase “All Aboard” is unlike anything I’ve ever seen associated with the Milwaukee Admirals franchise before. It has slight resemblance to the Calder Cup winning era but that’s about it.

(2) The “A” used to start off “All Aboard” are both clearly new logos which use beveled bones for the letter.

(3) The colors used are also brand new to the Admirals. It’s not as dark as navy, it’s not as prominent as a royal blue, but there is a blue being used along with shades of white and silver.

What does it all add up too? Well, if anyone followed the Milwaukee Bucks the last half-year, it looks like a rebranding campaign which would make the “All Aboard” event the unveiling of new logos and uniforms for the Admirals. I suppose that would explain why locker room furnishings with the current logo (team carpet, “Road To Nashville Runs Through Milwaukee” entrance sign, and “Admirals Who’ve Graduated to Nashville” sign) were all sold at the recent Garage Sale.

In terms of their branding history the Admirals have really had three eras so far. The IHL era, the early-AHL era, and the Harris Turer ownership era. Each design from era to era were drastically different and both had their unique charm. I crafted my favorite of both words to create the Admirals Roundtable Twitter and Facebook logo as a best of both worlds between the old and current. I love the current color palate (white, black, baby blue) and the ol’ Admiral logo is just too fun. So what could this new rebranding be? Is it even a rebranding or is it just a simplification to the current uniforms? We’ll likely have to wait until the evening of July 15th to find out. I’ll be there. And I’d love to have all you readers there as well.

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12 thoughts on “Poll: Are You In Favor of an Admirals Rebranding?”

  1. In my opinion, the changing of a logo so quickly is just a cash grab by the organization. They have to keep things fresh to keep jersey/apparel sales up. It doesn’t bother me either way. I’d rather the team pick one logo/look and stick with it to build an identity (look at the Wolves who have had the same logo forever), but I get we’re a minor league team so, whatever.

  2. I personally think that we have the coolest uni’s in the league in terms of…

    1. Colors – black road sweaters are SO sharp, Lake Michigan Blue Alt’s are a perfect change of pace
    2. Sweater Logo – fun, yet still totally BA looking
    3. Alternate Logo – the bone anchor shoulder patch? So simple yet so awesome!

    So I am not in favor of the switch, especially because I just bought a new blue alternate sweater last season, but I guess when you’re an AHL team trying to draw fans, you have to do big things sometimes (beyond gameday promos) to get people to talk about you and get interested. I just feel like a lot of professional teams have a capital letter on their jerseys/hats/merch etc… I liked how the Admirals always had logos. Nobody knows yet but it just looks like that “A” could become very important. One thing I hope we retain is the laces on the sweaters. That is such a classic look and I would be very sad to see those go!

    Now that I’m done ranting, I’d like to finish by saying that we could be wearing plastic bags out there on the ice and I’d still be there cheering on our Ads!

  3. I haven’t seen the new uniforms yet, but I already hate them. I don’t like that shade of blue. I don’t like the lettering of either the A or the letters that follow – thing names on backs of jerseys. Yuck. Bad. Don’t expect me to buy that jersey because I won’t. All aboard? Well I’m not on board, Admirals.

  4. Never liked the black uniforms. Everybody these days has black As a color. Tired also of powder blue as a color. Go back to a red white and blue like Winnipeg . Go a different direction on the admiral theme , get away from the Halloween version of a dead admiral . Never liked the Harris Turer version or theme. I’m old school, go back to a updated skating admiral

  5. I say do what the Washington Capitals and Buffalo Sabres did. Bring back their longtime skating logo and the original colors (red, white, and blue)

  6. I don’t love the current logo but I also hate it and as long as they don’t try to be baby preds I’m good with a change.

  7. I agree with Steve C. It doesn’t bother me really, but I don’t have the money to be buying new jerseys, so I won’t be a part of the cash grab.

  8. On a completely different subject it appears Liambas and Cody Bass can continue their rivalry only in each others former uniforms as Nashville has signed Bass to a two way contract.

  9. Whatever the new jerseys look like i hope they get rid of the method of name plate and number application. Last year the numbers were just a large patch sewn right on instead of individual pieces. It looked terrible and was a main reason i wouldn’t bid on any game used jerseys or buy any at the end of year sale. From what i saw we were the only team with this going on our jerseys. It looks cheap and if you notice on the special jerseys the jersey colors and numbers patches were slightly different colors.

  10. Look for the colors to be a more navy blue, closer to old brewer logo blue than medium, silver and white. Thinking it’s a tougher looking skull, maybe a ghost ship captain. This keeps with the general colors, just a maturation of them. Plus it take the logo that was done to interest younger children at the time—- mission accomplished fyi—— and give them something cooler, tougher, and one that will appeal to a larger set of the fan base. This is a major win. I am sure this was at least a year in the making. They really were cutting back on what the carried hence the crazy uniform patch idea. Easier to take that off wash and put another name and number on than to keep doing individual jerseys.

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