The Chatterbox, Vol. 75

(Photo Credit: Jeff Hanisch)
This is Kevin Fiala seconds before a skate caught him in the high neck area. He is a lucky lucky man that he only needed five stitches and nothing more. (Photo Credit: Jeff Hanisch)

Since the month of February the Milwaukee Admirals are 7-11-3-1 with only one win from their last eight games. Think about it. Eleven regulation losses. That is as many as the Admirals suffered the entirety of the 2014 portion of this season.

The real reason why this stretch has been so difficult to watch is that there have been so many positives accomplished during these games but the results are not coming. With the Admirals 4-3 loss last night there was yet another case of the way things have been going lately. The Ads score not just an equalizing goal but a highlight reel goal that made the crowd explode.

It was a phenomenal goal. Individual brilliance. And then the puck drops. The Stars are instantly in attack mode. Goal allowed in less than a minute. It’s a crushing thud of disappointment.

The Admirals outshot the Stars 41-23. They’re putting pucks to the net and generating offense but the team isn’t finishing or generating second and third chance opportunities off of those shots. The offense is coming up empty and the power-play is a hot mess. The Admirals are 0/35 in their last nine games on the power-play. The way that the Admirals make mistakes and get burned off of them? That’s precisely what a power-play is designed for and the Admirals are earning these chances on the power-play (good) but not converting (bad). As I said. It’s a hot mess. The chances are there though. They just need to be capitalized on.

After the game there was a story that developed which I will either find out later on or not at all. This is all that I know that happened. Typically, we media folks jog on down outside of the locker room for the post-game interview with Admirals head coach Dean Evason before going into the locker room for player interviews. Evason was outside the locker room the moment I arrived after walking across the ice. Not unusual, but staying there as long as he did was. He then proceeded to walk behind the curtain and, as far as I heard, went to the AHL officials room and had a conversation with league officials. I’m certain that I saw the on-ice officials leave during the time I waited. And I waited for just about an hour before getting the polite request to call it quits for post-game interviewing.

I’d have loved to hear from Evason as to what was discussed because I have no idea what could have been discussed at an hour’s length in regards to last night’s game. We media types generally get around five minutes of a Q&A with Evason after the game to dissect the game and all its intricacies. I can’t even begin to speculate what happened, what was said, or what was being discussed. I’d love to find out. Though, I wouldn’t be that surprised if I never do either.

In place of the Admirals head coach tonight it was the assistant coach Stan Drulia stepping in at the hour waiting’s mark on Dean Watch 2015. Also, Austin Watson and Kevin Fiala were able to chime in. Here is what everyone had to say following the game.

Stan Drulia’s assessment of the Admirals recent performances:

Drulia on the Admirals’ power-play struggles:

Drulia on Fiala’s recent play:

Drulia on the efforts of Eric Robinson:

Austin Watson on his late chance that could have sent the game to OT:

Watson on the frustrating run lately:

Watson on Jack Campbell‘s effort in net for the Stars:

Watson’s thoughts on solving the power-play woes:

Kevin Fiala dissects his highlight reel goal:

Fiala on falling behind so quickly after tying things up:

Fiala talks about getting hit by a skate at the end of the game:

Also, for those that may have missed it because it was thrown out literally prior to the game, Chatterbox, Vol. 74 was a pre-game session that I had where I spoke with the newbie and the relie.

Comments from the comments? Curious, was there points within last night’s game that you would find questionable or contentious that would have driven Evason off to talk with AHL officials after the game? Once again, what is the main issue with the Admirals power-play?

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