The Chatterbox, Vol. 74


The Sheriff is back in Milwaukee tonight. (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

How about a pre-game treat? Prior to tonight’s game I spoke with the newbie from Dartmouth Eric Robinson and the relie from Fort St. John Scott Ford. Rather than wait through tonight’s game and tag them ahead of the post-game audio I say instant satisfaction! Here is what both had to say prior to tonight’s game.

Eric Robinson discusses his whirlwind entry into professional hockey:

Robinson talks about his pro debut nerves:

Robinson on knowing of the Admirals interest late in the season:

Robinson explains his medical red-shirt status during his would-be senior season:

Robinson’s integration into the Admirals:

Robinson on deciding to go the college route over the QMJHL:

Scott Ford talks about his latest return to the Admirals:

Ford discusses how last off-season transpired:

Ford on his time with the South Carolina Stingrays of the ECHL:

Ford’s thoughts on how the Admirals can get back on track:

Ford on the past few games being positives despite the results:

Ford on tonight’s game and the road moving forward:

Ford on if he’ll miss Southern style chicken and waffles:

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