Miikka Salomäki Reassigned to the Milwaukee Admirals

(Photo Credit: Joshua Lindsey // USA Today Sports)
Miikka Salomäki might not have made his NHL debut. But, getting the look up from Milwaukee, it is clear that the Nashville Predators like what they’re seeing. (Photo Credit: Joshua Lindsey // USA Today Sports)

After a quick cup of coffee at the NHL level Miikka Salomäki has been reassigned by the Nashville Predators and will rejoin the Milwaukee Admirals ahead of their three-in-three later this week.

Salomäki was with the Predators for two games this past weekend as Nashville played out of the West Coast. He was a healthy scratch for both contests. That meant spectating for the bonkers crazy 7-6 (OT) win against the Los Angeles Kings and the 4-3 (SO) loss to the Anaheim Ducks.

Apart from the boost to his bank account for his quick look up, it feels like this should be a well deserved look up top at life at the NHL level for Salomäki who enjoyed a great rookie season last year and is doing good work this season. It’s always great to get a look from the AHL to the NHL to take a peak at just what it is you are working for. Have to imagine, even without playing a game, that this was an enjoyable experience for the young Finn.

Thoughts on this roster move? Do you feel as if the Nashville Predators were right in calling up Miikka Salomäki only to not play him?

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3 thoughts on “Miikka Salomäki Reassigned to the Milwaukee Admirals”

  1. I was really looking forward to watching his debut since I was at both games…massively disappointed. Everyone knows, “if you want to win, employ a Finn” ;)

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