Damage Done, Admirals fall 5-2 to Toronto

Calle Jarnkrok and the Admirals deep forward group have been out-muscled by the Toronto Marlies. They now must win three-straight games in Toronto to make it into the next round. (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

The Admirals lost 5-2 against the Toronto Marlies Saturday night. This defeat puts them in a 2-0 series deficit heading off to Toronto for the last, if necessary, three games in the best of five series.

After a very strong start to this game by the Admirals – the Marlies scored with 1:09 remaining in the first period to make it a 1-0 game. Despite a shots advantage of 15-7 favoring the Admirals a left wing rip by Brandon Kozun took deflection en route to Marek Mazanec. It may have been the only real sustained attack Toronto had the entire period and they found the back of the net.

The second period became a penalty fest for the Admirals. First Joonas Jarvinen and David Broll engaged each other to get minors for roughing. Then Calle Jarnkrok took a trip. And Joe Piskula was called for boarding.

All things in order, that gave the Marlies a lengthy stint of five-on-three power-play. With five seconds left from that opportunity Toronto worked the puck low around Mazanec, went post to post with a pass by Trevor Smith, and Sam Carrick had a tap in for a 2-0 lead.

It’s worth mentioning the lack of penalty calls for the Admirals in the closing stages of the second period. Mathieu Tousignant and Filip Forsberg were hit in the mouth with high sticks but each weren’t granted under the pretense that they Marlies were following through on shots. Francis Wathier was also barreled over near the Admirals bench – all of whom were livid by the absence of calls going their way in the frame.

Milwaukee finally found the back of the net in the opening minutes of the third period. Jarnkrok took a pass from Forsberg and hammered a one-timer past Drew MacIntyre to the blocker side. Including the playoffs, Jarnkrok has now scored in eight straight games as an Admiral.

The penalty fest continued in the third period with an Austin Watson double-minor dor high sticking, Mike Liambas interference, and a Wathier slashing call. The Marlies failed to convert two five-on-three chances in that spell but converted in the last push of the power-play. A puck popped up above Mazanec, fell at his skates, kicked inbetween his legs, and Brandon Kozun shoved the loose puck across the line for a 3-1 Marlies lead.

Just for good measure, Wathier was called for another penalty as he raced in on the forecheck and was given a minor for boarding. The Marlies won the faceoff and scored seconds into that power-play. A long range wrist shot from the right point by Korbinian Holzer goes went against the grain of Mazanec’s glove to extend the Marlies lead to 4-1.

The Admirals did attempt some late theatrics by scoring another goal. A point shot led to a rare juicy rebound from MacIntyre and Bryan Rodney smacked home a late tally making it 4-2. The Ads emptied their net, Jerred Smithson cleared from long range, Jerry D’Amigo chased it down, and scored the final goal of the game. 5-2 on the scoreboard. 2-0 in the series. Milwaukee has been on the outside looking in from the start.

I feel a lot must be said of the Admirals power-play. They went 0/6 tonight and couldn’t even generate gas. The Marlies blanketed them, boxed out numbers in front of the net, and read all puck movements from the point down low. This game, and quite possibly last night, changes dramatically with an effective power-play. I have to believe the build up to game three in Toronto will mean revisions to how that man-advantage operates because the Marlies have it scouted pass for pass.

Ramblings: Tonight’s lineup change for the Milwaukee Admirals saw Mike Liambas in and Vinny Saponari out. Admirals Scratches: Diaby, Rissling, Vainonen, Pendenza, Pimm, Valentine, Noonan, Saponari, and Rask. Marlies Stratches: Gibson, MacWilliam, Abbott, Ashton, Staubitz, Devane, Holland, Yuen, Herzog, Verhaeghe, Gauthier, and Loov.

What’s going wrong for the Admirals in this series? What has happened to the high-powered depth in the forward position? Are the defense and penalty woes costing Marek Mazanec a wonderful playoff performance?

9 thoughts on “Damage Done, Admirals fall 5-2 to Toronto”

  1. I could list so many issues with the Ads, but I’ll give credit where credit is due. The Marlies have played very well, especially MacIntyre. Dare I say if they continue to play like this they have a good chance at the Calder Cup. And to think, I very much wanted to face the Marlies in the first – round instead of the Wolves or Griffins. Ugg.

    I thought Darling should have stayed tonight and still think he should on Thursday, but I can almost guarantee you that Maz will play again.

  2. The Admirals were outworked again. They started strong but just got worn down by the penalties and the aggressive forecheck and defense. Just as the first game, they stacked the blue line which basically caused our players to look like deer in headlights. The Marlies kept one d back for the dump-in and the rest of the forwards just sat at the blue line and waited. We simply were unable to adjust. Beck was one of the few players who attempted to skate the puck in and was successful at times, but that was it.

    And before anyone complains about the refs, probably 90% (if not more) of the penalties the Admirals took were legit, or the Ads players should not have put themselves in a position to get a call against them.

    And the two high sticks in which the Marlies his the Ads players in the face were legit non-calls. Rule 60.1 “a player is permitted accidental contact on an opponent if the act is committed as a normal windup or follow through of a shooting motion.”

  3. I would have played Darling tonight, and said so previously. I am not convinced that it would have made any difference in the outcome, based upon what I observed.

    I liked Tousi’s old school hip check on Carrick! Ford, Rodney, Cehlin and Bitetto were better. Beck didn’t have a good game and Forsberg was close to useless tonight. Too many passes to the wrong team by Admirals players. Smithson was waiting behind the Toronto goal for the hard around at the end. That led directly to the empty net goal. Not smart hockey by Milwaukee!

  4. Totally agree about the refs. It gets really old at the ol’ BC how people complain about the penalties every time. Most times when they show the replay on the screens you can see it was really a penalty.

  5. One other sort of related note. Has anyone else noticed that Hellberg hasn’t played a single second for the Cyclones in the ECHL playoffs? Interesting that Madore, who I believe is on an ECHL only contract, has played all four games so far. He’s done well, though.

  6. Coaching has really shown me nothing. Dean seems like an ok guy but makes no in game adjustments to how we attack the zone. Or ppl has been terrible all season and it showed tonight. This bull shit pass around the zone and shoot from the boards is not how you beat mac. Doing so keeps him deeper in the crease and covers the net. When you blast from the point and dig out rebounds you can score like we did way too late in the third. Stop reinventing the damn wheel go back to basics. Pucks to the net equal going in eventually. Also the missed double high stick on Tousis face wasn’t in the act of shooting he was bringing his stick back around and clipped him twice, it was behind the play and in front of the official. But it really doesn’t matter when our ppl is and crappy as it is. Hope mvg finds a home on an nhl 3rd line. Really our best player overall this game.

  7. @Steve: “And before anyone complains about the refs, probably 90% (if not more) of the penalties the Admirals took were legit, or the Ads players should not have put themselves in a position to get a call against them.”

    I agree! The problem that I have is with the non-calls. Wathier was a target last night. He was run over from behind by #38 when the puck was 60 feet away. It happened in front of Shaun Davis and he didn’t call it. It was an intent to injure. You can make a case for a 5 and a gamer for what he did, certainly a double minor. Yet nothing was called! In the third period, the Admirals had they puck in the O-zone. It was chipped out. Wathier skated several feet over the blue line to get onside. He was waiting for the puck to come back and skated east to west outside the blue line. Marshall reached out and hit him with his stick as he was going by. When he got near the boards, Wathier reversed course. Marshall again reached out hit him with his stick as he was skating by. That no good bum Jaime Koharski was watching the entire time and called nothing! If an Admiral player did that, both refs would have called it. Wathier was called for slashing and then boarding in the third period. He was tired of being slashed. The guy that he boarded had also pulled illegal garbage that wasn’t called on that same shift. Wathier was trying to get him back because the refs were not protecting him, just as they had not done the entire game. The refs were deficient, they were poor, they would ignore something that a Toronto player did, then call the exact same thing on Milwaukee one or two minutes later. That is being unfair.

    Anybody who thinks that Game 2 was called fairly is in denial! You must have heard people getting on the refs halfway through the second period. Do you really think that most of 3700 people in attendance were wrong?

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