The Chatterbox, Vol. 34

Yeah. It kind of felt like this. (Photo Credit: Jeff Hanisch)

This wasn’t exactly the fast start we were all hoping out of the Milwaukee Admirals. Round One. Game One. Starting on home ice. Yet it was the Toronto Marlies who really dictated most of the action last night. They seemed more patient and controlled – even when playing with pace.

The good news for all Admirals involved is that tomorrow is another day. Round One. Game Two. It will be the difference between this becoming a best of three series or a do-or-die situation for the Admirals from Game Three onward.

After the game I spoke with Dean Evason, Francis Wathier, and Anthony Bitetto. Here is what they had to say following the 6-2 defeat in the opening playoff contest with the Toronto Marlies.

Dean Evason talks about the quick response goal by Toronto:

Evason on what adjustments need to be made for tomorrow:

Evason discusses composure and taking uncharacteristic penalties:

Evason breaks down the opening goal scored by Toronto:

Evason’s thoughts on how Toronto stifled the Admirals offense:

Evason on Marek Mazanec’s performance in net:

Francis Wathier’s thoughts from tonight’s game:

Wathier discusses what Toronto’s defense was doing to the Admirals offense:

Wathier on the benefit of a quick turn-around playing tomorrow night:

Anthony Bitetto’s thoughts of the game:

Bitetto on rebounding tomorrow night:

Bitetto talks about the Marlies winning puck battles tonight:

Comments from the comments? What went wrong in the Admirals opening playoff game? Also, what went right? Are there positives to take out of tonight’s defeat into the rest of this series?

6 thoughts on “The Chatterbox, Vol. 34”

  1. Toronto beat Milwaukee to the loose pucks. The Ads came out with no sense of urgency in the first period. Kevin Marshall got away with so much junk that it looked like the refs took a bribe. Put Liambas in tonight. Milwaukee needs some more grit against Toronto. Play Darling in goal. Maz looked terrible on the fourth goal. Play Diaby and take out Ford. Fordo is too slow compared to the wingers that Toronto played last night. Diaby is big and fast and strong. Play Valentine, he is a hard hitter and a good defender. Maybe sit Piskula, he was the smallest D-man playing last night, or Rodney, he was the worst D-man playing last night. Shoot the puck and win faceoffs that MVG isn’t in. The Ads need to push the Toronto players away from the goal. That means push, not hit people in the back of the head with a glove, or in the face with a stick like the Toronto players did the entire game, and mostly got away with it.

    Find some real refs, not the two morons, Jaime Koharski and Jarrod Ragusin who “worked” last night! They were an embarrassment to the AHL. I heard the crowd getting on them the last 5 minutes of the game. Ragusin looked at Section 204 trying to figure out why they were standing and jeering at him. I passed Paul Fenton on the concourse last night. He looked like he had just bitten into a lemon. I think that some players won’t be back next year base upon what happened last night, like Rodney.

  2. Sit Piskula ? Really ?
    Scott Valentine is out. He has shoulder surgery recently.

    Mike Liambas should be on the ice tonight agreed.

  3. Piskula was one of our better defenders. He’s not going to make bone crushing hits, but he was, for the most part, solid around the boards and behind the net. You can’t blame one or two individuals or the refs on the game last night. The entire team was flat for more than half the game. Cup winning teams don’t play full steam for only part of a game. Toronto deserved the win last night and they got it.

  4. While I do agree that Rodney isn’t our best dman but he has the offensive skills that should be used to blast from the blue line on ppl like franson n sulzer used to. Traffic in front of mac and getting him moving is whats going to beat him and ues cehlins goal was pretty but how many fast breaks do you get per game maybe two. If diaby is eligible to play get him in there, Piskula did look flat out there in our own zone making sloppy passes and just poor decisions that led to more difficult than usual exits from the zone. Liambas should be in the line up maybe even rask too that speed and energy is needed perhaps moser sits. Super Swedes need to lead the way in scoring. And put darling in whats it gonna hurt he seems to always jump in with no nerves.

  5. I haven’t disagreed about Rodney all season. While I don’t think he’s horrible, I think he’s the worse d-man out of our current guys. I’d rather see Diaby play over Rodney.

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