The Chatterbox, Vol. 19

Dear Corbin Baldwin: If you’re going to talk smack and play dirty the whole night – we have our own Sheriff. (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

The Admirals game last night may have been the most fun I had around a hockey rink – period. They won soundly by the tune of 9-1 over the Iowa Wild. Pekka Rinne made his highly anticipated return to game action – and the city of Milwaukee (for that matter). And the fans last night only added to what was a brilliant game, start to finish, by the Ads as they broke out of their five-game winless skid emphatically.

Having spent my whole day around the Bradley Center yesterday – the most I could tell you about that team going into the game was they looked looser than I’ve seen in a long time. During the pre-game skate, I noticed so many players smiling, laughing, and joking around. The last few games during this run it has looked all business, serious, and stressed out. But, yesterday, they were back to having fun again – and I feel it translated directly into the game.

For Pekka Rinne, he may not have had the most action packed of nights but that isn’t the worst thing either. Had he been in Hannu Toivonen‘s place we might be talking about the game that re-broke Nashville’s starting goaltender… I believe that would have made this the “Oops Edition” of the Chatterbox had that happened. I think the fact that he took a little run into by the Wild on their first shot of the game really helped to get him over any sort of return to the game jitters. He wasn’t forced to do much. But looked good when he had to make a stop. I doubt we get a game as run and gun for the Admirals as this one was on Sunday. It should be a much bigger test for Rinne.

After the game, I had the chance to interview Dean Evason, Pekka Rinne, Joonas Jarvinen, Mike Liambas, and Joe Piskula. Here is what they all had to say following their massive 9-1 victory against Iowa. And you know what – we’re going with full interviews for this one!

Dean Evason:

Pekka Rinne:

Joonas Jarvinen (and a massive interview bomb from Joonas Rask, Miikka Salomaki, and Taylor Beck – who borrowed my phone to conduct this interview briefly):

Mike Liambas:

Joe Piskula:

Comments from the comments? Anything stand out to you? What do you make of Pekka Rinne’s dialogue on Mike Liambas? (classic)

8 thoughts on “The Chatterbox, Vol. 19”

  1. Question from the Editor: Do you all prefer these interviews as full length audios or as clips? With so many players from tonight I wanted to just throw the audio all up in full – unedited. /quicker news

  2. I can’t believe how a handful of Iowa players were yappy and dirty until the end of the game. Baldwin, Medvec and Bulmer were just stupid. Piskula was punched in the head and then elbowed in the teeth after his helmet was knocked loose. I think it was Baldwin and was deliberate. The ref missed those penalties, but he caught most of the other ones.

  3. Jim + CreedFeed: Cheers! I tend to like cutting down individual answers but, on a night like last night where I rounded up this many guys, I just needed to get these bad boys out when I could get home.

    Mark: Both. Clearly. Yawp. Mhm. :P

    Adsfan: I was getting really ticked about Baldwin not getting tossed sooner than he did. It was clear from the Jarvinen roughing to his fight after with Liambas that he was trying to be a target or pest than remotely play hockey. The reason why Ford went after him late? He tried a knee-on-knee hit with Watson and Ford saw him go for it. Reminded me of the Steve Ott Stars/Bruins game where the refs should have gotten a better handle of the game and lost complete control:

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