Pekka Rinne Officially Headed to Milwaukee

“I’m back!”

After months of speculation, especially recent days, the wait is finally over. Pekka Rinne is heading to the Milwaukee Admirals under rehab conditions from the Nashville Predators.


This has long been a “wait and see” scenario. First Rinne had his hip surgery, then an infection related to the surgery, and finally the slow progression back to where we are today. We’ve covered his trail back here on the Roundtable: return to light practice (2/8/14), return to full-team practice (2/19/14), and yesterday’s audio driven “what are we hearing in Milwaukee about this” story (2/25/14). Now, he is back. Pekka Watch is over. He could well be back in town last tonight. He should be practicing with the team tomorrow. And is no doubt expected to start both games this weekend for the Admirals in Milwaukee.

The real question now is whether or not he will play any more than just those two games. As coach Trotz said, “We’ll go day-by-day.” To me, it is another wait and see sort of mentality. Let’s see how he handles game one, game two, and judge from there. If he plays well and his body responds well… we’re probably seeing him leave after the weekend. Should it be a battle for him during these two games. Who knows? As Jason pointed out with his Pekka Watch story this week: conditioning Loan shall not extend for more than fourteen (14) consecutive days. There is time and games to play with for the Nashville organization should they feel the need to use them. Day-by-day until then.

Pekka Rinne spent three-seasons with the Admirals. In that time he played in 145 games, posted 81 wins, had a 2.54 GAA, a 0.911 SV%, and recorded 10 shutouts. He last played with the Admirals on 4/26/08 in the Calder Cup playoffs against the Chicago Wolves. During last season’s 35th Anniversary campaign he was voted as the top Admiral of all-time.

Bought your tickets yet? Are you ready for the return of Pekka Rinne in Milwaukee? How long do you think this rehab stint will last?

9 thoughts on “Pekka Rinne Officially Headed to Milwaukee”

  1. As I stated in a previous comment, my guess is this will be a two-game affair, barring an injury setback as Predators coach Barry Trotz said he expects Rinne to play before the end of Nashville’s current homestand.

    Nashville’s current extended homestand would allow for Pekka to get a couple of starts in Milwaukee before going back to Tennessee. Starting tomorrow Nashville has home games until March 8, a stretch with a total of five game dates (the Predators longest homestand of the season). Nashville’s upcoming games: Feb. 27 vs. Tampa Bay; March 1 vs. Winnipeg; March 4 vs. Pittsburgh; March 6 vs. St. Louis; March 8 vs. Columbus.

    Meanwhile, assuming Pekka doesn’t play in Milwaukee tonight, the Admirals have games on Friday (Feb. 28), Sunday (March 2) and then Friday (March 7) all at home.

    A logical visit for Pekka Rinne to Milwaukee would be to play in one or two games (Friday and Sunday) or just Friday or Sunday. He then could be back in uniform for Nashville against Pittsburgh on Tuesday with good rest (Admirals game is at 3:00 P.M.). If Pekka Rinne plays in Milwaukee on Friday, it would be unlikely that he would then travel to Nashville to play on that Saturday, back-to-back nights while recovering from an injury. Of course, he could travel back and then be a backup, but that just doesn’t make much sense.

    This is all hypothetical of course.

  2. So excited as I already had tickets for Friday and Sunday! Keep us updated if he magically comes in town for tonight’s game.

    I doubt he will end up playing more than two games with the Ads unless he looks really uncomfortable. The 14 day limit would go until the 11th of March I believe assuming it counts today as day 1. That would make the March 7th and 8th Ads games possible, but the Preds have a long homestand in early March that I think they are going to want to trot him out in front of the home crowd for.

    Other than that, I put this in the Griffins Scouting the Enemy thread after Jason’s comment, but it fits here better. If the Ads decide to auction off his game-worn jersey from this weekend, can you imagine how much it will pull in? I know I can’t afford what it would probably go for.

  3. I met him last season while interning with the team. We went down to Chicago, filmed his jumbotron spot, and I had the chance to talk with him and Pete Weber. Great people. Hoping to follow him along while I can. Anyone care to join me to team practice tomorrow morning?

  4. I know everyone is saying that Friday was the target for Rinne to play in Milwaukee, but you would think that they know the schedules and they know what they had planned. If I was the Preds, I would have had Rinne on the first flight to Milwaukee this morning, and have him ready to go tonight. That way, if he does have an issue (soreness, too much rust, etc) then they still have Friday and Sunday to give him in Milwaukee to shake it off before calling him back to Nashville for Tuesday. That’s just me of course… :D

  5. TJSharky,
    I think the LAST thing Nashville wants to do is rush Pekka Rinne back into game action for fear of him getting hurt again. I don’t know what the approval process was entirely, but I’m guessing Nashville team doctors had to sign off on him playing today before he was sent down to Milwaukee. That’s a pretty short timetable to stick him on a plane for a game same day.

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