Poll: The Admirals 2013-14 Pink Jersey


With a primary assist to the Milwaukee Admirals on Facebook – we have our first real look at the Pink Jersey the team will be wearing tomorrow night against the Iowa Wild. We saw a mock-up of it earlier in the week – now the real deal.

As far as this style of jersey is concerned – we have seen far louder attempts in the past. This is essentially our road blacks with a substitute of Pink for the typical Lake Michigan Blue – with the added Breast Cancer Awareness symbol behind the primary crest and replacing the shoulder anchors. It’s simple. And I like that. Plus, if we mixed in the wrestling promotion from last game, how Bret Hart is this jersey?

2 thoughts on “Poll: The Admirals 2013-14 Pink Jersey”

  1. I actually like this better than our stock jerseys. If I had the nickels, I’d pick one up in a heart beat. For some reason that “lake michigan” blue makes it look comical especially with that weird skeleton. How about a “true” lake michigan blue which is more like blue gray, get rid of bobble skelator and just emblazen our chest with either Milwaukee or Admirals, keep the anchor logo.

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