Admirals Valentine’s Day Cards: Part II

Yesterday, for for the sake of fun (honestly boredom), I created some Milwaukee Admirals themed Valentine’s Day cards. I was rather surprised how well it was received by all of you – considering I made them on my phone as a goof.

If there was any complaint against them it was that I didn’t provide you with the full roster. … Challenge Accepted.


36, Joonas Jarvinen.


16, Mathieu Tousignant.


8, Filip Forsberg.


24, Zach Budish.


5, Teddy Ruth.


11, Paul Crowder.


10, Patrick Cehlin.


74, Vinny Saponari.


22, Scott Valentine.

All photos courtesy of Scott Paulus. All forms of a lack of a social life done by your’s truly, Daniel Lavender.

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2 Responses to Admirals Valentine’s Day Cards: Part II

  1. Dan, might have been better to quit while you were ahead, but who am I to judge. I do love the Baby Ruth, however.

  2. Lavender says:

    Jason: Bah, might as well have the complete set. :P

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