Dressed To Impress

ICE HOCKEY - DEL, RB Muenchen vs Ingolstadt

Notice the familiar face in that photo? That is former Admiral Darren Haydar suited up in Munich EHC’s Oktoberfest uniforms. As far as special occasion unis go I give this a solid 10/10!

What are some of your favorite uniforms the Admirals have sported over the years? The Uecker? The tie-dye? Christmas sweater? St. Patrick’s Day? Fire/Police Dept.? There have been plenty more, too! My vote goes to the tie-dye… but I also wear these shoes, so.

5 thoughts on “Dressed To Impress”

  1. I don’t know about you guys, but the Ads specialty jerseys in the last few years are weaker then before the 80’s Olympic style

  2. Haydar’s uni would be cool if the rest of it didn’t resemble a skating billboard…
    Have to agree with Sodbusters comment. The specialty sweaters as of late have not been so special…

  3. I agree. For the most part they’ve been bland. Last year’s throwback wasn’t too bad, but away from that there have been some bizarre ones (the tropical/floral pattern). I assume this year we get a Calder Cup era throwback (10 year anniversary). I still think the current logo and unis were an upgrade to that era.

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