Mid-Week Topic: Pre-game Routines

So to help generate a little chatter in advance of the home opener…The Roundtable poses this mid-week question to you:

What is your pre-game routine for Admiral home games?

Do you get to the arena at the same time every game?  Head to a particular food vendor?  Order the same dish?  Visit the same people?  Say hello to the same ushers?  Watch warm-ups from the same spots?  Wear the same jersey?  Are there any other superstitions that you’d like to share?  Or is your routine that there is no routine at all?

My pre-game routine?  Find Aaron Sims in the media room.  His routine is that he’s in the same chair at the same table for every game, whether there’s a pre-game meal or not.  It’s always great to talk with Aaron before he heads up the broadcast booth…whether it’s about hockey, the band Chili Sabotage, or whatever random stuff comes up.  Sometimes scouts or the visiting radio/tv guys sit with us.  My favorite pre-games are when Nashville goaltending coach Mitch Korn is in the room.  The guy is absolutely brilliant, and it’s such a treat to just listen to him talk.

On nights that I’m wearing my media-hat, I still make a strong effort to be in press row for the playing of the opening video.  Being a resident of press row for so many years, I’ve been conditioned to never cheer at sporting events….ever.  But on the inside, I still get excited for the production.  I enjoy seeing and hearing a big crowd react to it, and react to the players taking the ice.  I don’t know what songs they’re doing for the videos this year….but I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing them on the big screen on Saturday.

It’s almost hockey night in Milwaukee.  We’ll see you all on Saturday.

3 thoughts on “Mid-Week Topic: Pre-game Routines”

  1. I go to the games with my dad, so generally speaking, I go pick him up and we leave between 5:50pm and 6:00pm. We park in the building across the street from the BC (the parking garage that has the bar/restaurant in front of it that can’t stay open). We enter the building and head straight for our seats to watch warmups! We have pretty much followed that routine since I had a drivers license, and before that my dad would just drive!

    I still think they should use Audioslave’s “Cochise” for the players’ entrance and/or the opening video. They can play the intro of the song during the video or right after the video. Towards the end of the intro Matt Moore says “… led by goaltender [whoever], here are your Milwaukee Admirals!” and then the song kicks in (like the 50 second mark of the song)! :)

  2. I don’t have much for pre game rituals mine is more superstitions. Stupid things I days leading up. Like parking in the same spots at my accounts for work, listen to the same CD in my car that was there the last win. One year I swear everytime I hit the 3 red lights before the on ramp on ryan rd they would win, it was really weird but I had to hit them all hit only 2 they lost. And always take the same rt home. Its silly but I always feel it helps in some bizarre way. I wish they would use End Of The Line by DevilDriver its really fast paced and gets me fired up.

  3. First home game of the season is always interesting. I always wear my old white jersey signed by two #44s, Gino Cavallini and Kevin Willison. Two years ago, I was asked for my ticket because the usher didn’t know me. I showed it to the usher and told him it was the same seat that I have been sitting in since October of 1988 when the BC opened. I told him that he wasn’t familiar to me either and hoped that he and the Admirals both had a good season. Sometimes I am there for the warmup session, sometimes I run down the steps just before the anthem. Once, I got chocolate chip cookies from you Ryan. That would be a good pre-game routine! Keep your shifts short!

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